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TheKind of setting in the video, &quotL`OrfeodeMonteverdi – Acto II – &quotTu se`morta&quot (Pista 9b Barroco 1),&quotis grandiose, large, and depicts a baroque style of music includingthe artists. An obvious observation is that of a single singer andover eight other immobile people on stage with their faces facingdownwards. In addition, there are motionless statues that triggerintrigues in the video. The prominent attention moves to the woodencurving the singer is holding in his left hand on the commencement ofthe song. He moves it to the center then clutches it with both hands,cementing the grandiose characteristics of the baroque music style.The evident dramatic form of opera is equally compelling as observedin the stage setting. The encompassing of the background of dusk withtrees at the sides, down looking faces, and the silent fading lightsmake the audience focus more on the singer at the center. Thisreinforces the subtle suggestion that he is the focus of attention.The circle arc formed is mostly a work of deliberation to maximizethe use of the performance space. It causes the audience to view thestage as not crowded or under-utilized but appropriately utilized(Hoffer et al., 2015 p. 97).

Avery near example of a musician applying the baroque kind of musicstyle is one ArinaDomskia Ukrainian singer describing herself as semi-classical. Her songshave an opera like contributions. In this piece titled, “TiAmero”there is a familiar baroque kind of music in the delivery, acompelling vocal prowess, artistically arranged verses, wide-rangingvocal plains rode requiring mastery in vocal chords utilization. Thevideo setting has a manipulation of lighting as it begins with thedawn breaking. While &quotTuse`morta&quothad dusk in the background, here we have dawn breaking which is anessential component in the transition of many other instances in themusic video. An empty medieval cockleshell incorporated at thebeginning of the video, appears in different situations occupied bythe singer. The music video released in may, 2012, has an artisticusage of natural features as indicated in the background. There is acliff visible, cloud and at times the ocean. Whereas, in &quotTuse`morta&quotwe have an artistically, well-arranged stage aimed at making use ofprops to enhance the watching experience of such a work of art. Theprinciples are the same, and that makes it an uncanny comparison.

Whenit comes to baroque visual art, it was mostly influenced by thereligious wars between Catholics and Protestants. Consequently, mostof the art then was majorly religious in depiction like the one&quotArchangelMichael&quotattributed to ArtusQuellinus (II)(1692). In addition, “Christas Savior&quotby Giovanni Battista Caccini (c. 1598) resulted from the upsurge ofRoman Catholic Church confidence which followed on the heels of the&quotCouncilof Trent.&quotThat biblical art provided help to Catholic counter-reformationearning the name &quotJesuitsstyle.&quotThe Baroque art was heavily leaning on the Jesuits views. The artdepicts emotionalism, forcefulness and realism that the saints passedthrough. The &quotChristas Savior&quotshows the gentleness and redeeming purposes of Jesus Christ while the&quotArchangelMichael&quotrepresents the battles and wars prevalent during the Baroque era. Inthe present day, we have the dominions television series that hasArchangel Michael fighting on the sides of the human beings againstangel Gabriel. Furthermore, in the television, fallen ArchangelMichael makes an appearance changing the course of the series andsaving the world from Satan.

PoussinNicholas` painting &quottheadoration of the golden calf&quotin 1634 oil on canvas, shows revelry at the foot of Mount Sinai withthe mountain smoking establishing God`s presence. However, theIsraelites were busy worshiping the golden calf defiantly,empirically showing that they are idol worshippers. On the otherhand, Pierre-Paul Ruben’s painting &quotthreegraces&quot(between 1630-1635), shows three naked females and a fairy of anangel clinging or holding a trumpet at the end of the image. Thewomen are holding each other under a canopy of flowers insertedcreatively. These two paintings are in a scene of much vegetationeither a grove or a vale, exhibiting a biblical kind of teachingalthough the &quotthreegraces&quotis a little bit dense. The disagreement ensued from those prone tohaving things done their way, finding impediments they were unwillingto counter. The feuds provided a way for the King to exercisediplomacy by stating the obvious without leaning on either side. Forinstance, in recent years, the previous Kenya coalition governmentlacked clear structures, and the President, had to step in to quellconstant disagreements between the prime minister and a couple ofpowerful cabinet ministers.

ThomasHobbes’ position is that, man is inherently not social. Hence,cannot exist at peace with each other without a governing authorityruling over them. The idea that man is social cannot be more wrongwith a country like Somalia being in a state of anarchy for more thantwenty years now. The manner, in which people routinely bend the lawto favor themselves, is a clear indication that in the naturalconditions, there is little progress achieved unless there is the useof negativity. For example, the use of fear or violence may be vitalin achieving success over others. Naturally, given a chance, man canexterminate themselves quickly due to their innate tendencies.Earlier, the case of Somalia may appear around the bend but also lookat Iraq, Egypt or any other Islamic country trying democracy.

MozartSymphony #40 expresses a traditional western music with a lot of useof the violin instrument. In addition, the arrangement of theinstrumental has an orchestra setting and sounds, which give it anancient sound. These are the characteristics of classical music. Thestaff notations, which are the speed, meter, and pitch of theperformer, are evidently under the direction of the composer. Anadvantage of the music is its longevity in the market. People stillconsume it today despite it being centuries of years old. The modernclassical music artist comparable to Mozart is Dmitri.He exhibits the kind of staff notation seen in the Mozart piece,which incorporates much usage of the violin while including acomposer and a number of performers.

Ona personal opinion, an autobiographical or fictional account by aslave is more authentic than autobiographical or fictional account bya white due to the well-documented factual history of blacks’slavery. Subsequently, the preconceived subconscious does not readilyaccept otherwise. Literal depiction of slavery is not as convincingas paintings or images because what a person reads is not as longlasting as what he/she sees. The success of the blockbuster film&quotTwelveyears A Slave&quotby Steve McQueen was more impactful than the earlier released book ofthe same title. The effect included both races from the white orblack communities. Consequently, filmmaking is a serious avenue todepict &quotreal&quot injustices.


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