Workshop Proposal





To: Director,Hope Incorporation

From: [insertname] Technical Writer

December11, 2014

Proposalfor a Writing Workshop

Introduction:Qualifications and Experience

I take theopportunity to reminisce on some extents of my skills that have mademe an ideal candidate for writing this memo to propose a professionalwriting workshop for Certified Financial Planners and Experts in mydepartment. I thank the firm for allowing me to demonstrate mycapacities and services as a specialist in writing proposalsespecially those concerning with developing platforms fordiscussions. Take sentience, that I am acquainted with the processesof finance, as I have attained a Degree in Finance and Economics. Inaddition, I have a postgraduate diploma in Communication thus, Iwill provide the required requisites for the workshop. Considerablycognizant of the attributes and processes of technical writing, Iwill undertake to provide a comprehensive and incredibly significantproposal for a writing workshop. On the other hand, I have undertakenseveral assignments on proposing writing workshops for firms, forexample, during my final year in university, I engaged extensively onthree major projects to design and propose workshops for HopeIncorporation. As such, be cognizant that I dedicate all my energiesin making sure that I provide a significantly informative,comprehensive, and engaging proposal.

Purpose andJustification

The proposalunder consideration encompasses a half-day technical writingworkshop, which will help financial planners. The firm intends thatthe workshop will help financial planners and experts to engageremarkably. As such, the workshop will provide channels andauthorities for effective communication flow both externally andinternally. A vast number of financial planners in my department needa forum through which they can interact with other employees as wellas financial operatives such as Association for FinancialProfessionals. Since the Finance Department deals with financialattributes including risk management, investment, cost analysis, andaccounting of the organization, it is imperative that financialplanners and experts remain in communication with one another andother members of the organization to provide relevance and lucidityin exceptional and complex situations.

In this regards,the workshop will engage planners and experts through communicationand interaction processes such as email, instant messaging, memos,proposals, and discussions, among others by offering reminders andmodels on common and complex financial situations or opportunities.In addition, it will provide various scenarios and draws on analysisto help planners comprehend the opportunities and interactionsinvolved in detailing financial situations. By propositioning aparticipative and engaging forum, the workshop will allow theplanners to utilize correspondences, proposals, emails, memos,handbooks, text chats, and patent processes.


Based on therequirements communicated to me by the director, I recommend anenthralling and participative workshop where planners and expertswill interact with other employees and financial associations inlearning the processes and forms involved in technical writing. Ialso appeal to the director to propose the workshop as a regularprocess within various departments of the company.



The financialdepartment deals with a range of multidimensional and complexsituations and issues concerning the operations and long-termstability of the firm. As such, it is imperative that all plannersand financial experts including accountants and risk analysts remainin communication with one another as well as other employees inensuring the continuity of all operations. In fact, this proposalentails the request to design a half-day technical writing andinteraction workshop for financial planners and experts at HopeIncorporation. The workshop has the meanings of covering technicalinteractions externally and internally.

In thecontemporary business environment, the development of informationtechnology has allowed the development of communication andinformation process as an important aspect of any organization. Inthis regards, technical written communique provides a chance fororganizations to offer platforms and forms for interaction within andwithout the business environment. The proposal considers technicalwriting as communication involving communication conveyed over theinternet or some forms of information technology. Such platformsensure the conveyance of information relating to patent, investment,grant, educational materials, and intelligence.

Most tasksconducted by financial planners and experts entail backups,contingency plans, collaboration with other organizations, andcareful consideration to detail. In addition, financial planners andexperts process all information regarding to the finances of theorganization thus, they will collaborate and interact regularly withother department. Against this backdrop, the proposal offers ahalf-day workshop to assist financial planners and experts of HopeIncorporation augment and develop their technical communication andwriting skills. The workshop will address communication processes aswell as provide various reminders and simulations on enhancedcorrespondences.

Proposed program

The proposalsuggests the following workshop program for financial planners andexperts at Hope Incorporation. Financial planners and experts willwork in small but well planned groups of 4-5, and the proposalexpects the planners and experts to interact effectively in allforums of writing setups, such as writing emails, business proposals,grants submissions, and project schedules. The workshop will havethree parts each taking 90 minutes and break of 30 minutes:

WritingFinancial Models and Prompts

Scenario 1: The company needs to invest.

The company needs to sell bonds worth US$ 80 million under the non-competitive bid with a maturity period of 10 years.

Take Action: Advise on the requirements and feasibility of the investment

Rationalization for Providing Scenario 1:

The proposal designs this scenario to have financial planners andexperts deliberate on some of the requirements needed to selltreasury bonds. In addition, the scenario allows financial plannersto have a clear understanding of face value and coupon values ofbonds as well as bond ratings under Moody or S&ampP/Fitch and therisk or grade of a bond. This setup will oblige the planners andexperts to create a strategy of achievement through constructingmeticulous e-mails or proposals needed on a bond, maturity value, andbenefits to the firm as well as the financial implication of thebond. In this scenario, planners and experts will write anexploratory memo to Bureau of Fiscal Service as well as DebtManagement in the Department of Treasury to explain reasons foroffering a bond.

Scenario 2: The company needs to buy a small company with an asset base of US$ 200 million.

The company has realized that a small technological company based in California has started to make headways in designing information systems that will greatly reduce costs and increase efficiency in storing and communicating information. However, the small company lacks the financial base to develop the software in a large scale.

Take Action: What does the company need to know? How will the company evaluate the value of the company and which is the best takeover scenario should the company take?

Rationalization for Scenario 2:

The proposal designs this scenario to have the planners andspecialist deliberate on some of the external and internalnegotiations and communications that they need to perform. Plannerswill negotiate with planners of the small company as well as convincethe stakeholders that the deal will be worthwhile for the company.The scenario will involve phone communications, business proposalsand exchanges, business letters, and exchanges.