Workplace Safety & Health Laws in the Workplace


WorkplaceSafety &amp Health Laws in the Workplace

WorkplaceSafety and Health Laws in the Workplace


Workplacehealth concerns are many depending on the type of occupation. Some ofthe prominent health concerns for most occupations are safetypolicies and equipment that can facilitate first aid and evacuationin case of a medical emergency, a healthy working environment freefrom health hazards, sanitation, protective gear that protect fromface, eye, and respiratory infection or injury (Dias, 2012). Otherhealth concerns at the workplace are compliance with statutory andregulatory standards in issues such as commercial driving andoperation of machinery, electrical standards, and accidents arisingfrom slips and occasional falls at the workplace.


Stressis the reaction that workers may have when they are exposed toexcessive pressure. Stress is tackled in almost a similar thatprofessionals deal with other hazards at the workplace. Mostfundamentally, identifying the underlying causes and finding remediesto reduce them is the recommended way of dealing with stress amongstworkers(Cartwright &amp Cooper, 2006).In most causes the underlying problems that cause stress areinadequate control on handling work demands, overworking (orunder-working), inadequate support from the management, uncleardefinition of roles, unhealthy relationships with workmates, andinability to manage organizational change(O`Donnell, 2001).

Question3: TheFuture (The Way Forward for Workplace Health)

Availabilityof employment opportunities since the economic downturn has beenaffecting the rate of employee reports on workplace violations.However, there is more violation cases currently under OSHA’S watchand enforcement measures are likely to take a more stringentdirection in the current labor market. Employees have aresponsibility to understand their rights under the OSHA prescriptionso that they can file for litigation in case of nay violations.


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