Workplace Communication




Yes,I think all companies should make sure that they establish theircompany`s blogs. This is because blogs can be used as a means ofcommunication. Blogs can be used to communicate amongst a company’semployees, the general public and even esteemed customers(Wrench,2013). With the increase in the use of the Internet, blogs are slowlybecoming a necessity as a means to voice critical information.However, the use of blogs should be monitored as people may basetheir conversation on opinions rather than facts which may negativelyaffect the image of the company.


Thereshould be explicit rules and regulations that guide what employeesshould post on the company’s blog (Turner,Qvarfordt, Biehl, Golovchinsky &amp Back, 2010). As such anyemployee found guilty of violating, these rules should facedisciplinary action and even risk being fired. This is because manyemployees may use this platform as an opportunity to vent their angertowards the company’s management. Equally, employees may alsodivulge information that should not be shared which may end updenting the company’s image.


Oneof the main advantages of using wikis is that they are easy to use.They are also accessible from any part of the world as long as onehas a reliable internet connection (Silva,2012). Employees can post and update files without waiting for thepublisher’s approval. However, wikis have disadvantages, and one ofthe main disadvantages is the fact that anyone can edit the poststhat have been published. There are also no proper security measuresas people can place misleading information that may be accessed fromany part of the world. In addition, wikis allow people to steal otherpeoples` ideas and post them as their own.


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