Why Study the Psychology of Women


WhyStudythe Psychology of Women

WhyStudythe Psychology of Women

Thestudy of the psychology of women creates an in-depth understanding ofthe issues affecting women in the society. Matlin (2011) notes thatthe study provides answers to questions about women that requireclarification before comprehending the impact of certain feminineissues on women. Unger (2004) argues that understanding thepsychology of women gives a wider scope of investigating femininepsychological processes and how they are unique to them. This isinformed by the differences that women have in relation to men whichnecessitates a study about their psychological dynamics.

Throughthe study of the psychology of women, the student is able to clarifythe social biases against women. As a result, solutions are developedin regard to the identified issues that affect women. Matlin (2011)asserts that the study of this discipline gives light to the factsfrom biases that permeate the social relationships in the society.According to Matlin (2011), the study of the psychology of womenallows accurate research that is free from the biases of generalresearch and knowledge.

Inaddition, the study provides a platform of establishing research onissues affecting women. Through such research, the study gives astudent the objectivity that is needed to comprehensively understandthe challenges facing women. Denmarkand Paludi (2008)argue that women face unique challenges that can only be understoodthrough a specific study that does not focus on both genders. Bypaying full attention to women, the study exposes the central issuesthat influence their social interactions. This gives a clearunderstanding of the differences and similarities between men andwomen in terms of psychological processes. As a result, a student isable to understand the society better and comprehensively.


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