Why I want to Transfer to the University of Maryland

WhyI want to Transfer to the University of Maryland

Mydesire to pursue electronic engineering has not been a smooth one. Inhigh school I had a lot of inconsistency in my studies as I did notknow exactly what I wanted. When reality came, I knew I had a careerto pursue, and that was electronic engineering. I started by tutoringmath since I has great passion in the subject. This gave me moreconfidence in pursuing a mathematical related course. My parents havebeen very supportive of my decision to pursue this path and I haveworked very hard to see that I excel in the field and make an impactin the society. To achieve this, I have to transfer to an institutionthat provides the opportunity to explore electrical engineering in anextensive and practical way-the University of Maryland.

Electronicengineering is my area of interest and despite the challenges that Ihave experienced at Seminole State College, I have been able to showexemplary performance. I have always strived to get better grades.During the while that I have been in the college, I have achievedthree consecutive President’s Lists and recently gained amembership in Phil Theta Kappa. I feel that am still far from what Iwant to achieve, hence want to transfer to the University ofMaryland.

Themain reason I want to move to University of Maryland in Illinois isbecause, my current institution, Seminole State College in Floridadoes not offer upper division engineering classes. With desire topursue a degree, I chose to transfer to a reputable university.

Whatmade me chose University of Maryland from a list of otheruniversities in the country is the fact that, the University is knownto produce great minds in the field of electronic engineering. Theuniversity has a great alumni and connections who have invented theLED, DSL, JavaScript, the integrated circuit, the quantum well laser,the transistor, the pH meter, MRI, and the plasma screen, and areresponsible for the structural design of notable buildings such asthe Willis Tower, the John Hancock Center, and the Burj Khalifa amongothers. Among people who have inspired me to study electronicengineering and study it not anywhere else but in the University ofMaryland is Nick Holonyak and Shahid Khan due to their brilliantideas and global changing inventions. Being alumni of the sameuniversity where I intend to pursue my degree, makes me experiencethe same greatness they enjoy. I believe the University will providea great opportunity for me to advance my ideas to world changinginnovations in the future. Besides, a degree in electronicengineering from the university will be highly marketable since theECE department has been strengthened with millions of dollars forinnovation and development.

Anotherreason why I feel motivated to transfer to Illinois is the fact that,I have never lived outside my home town, Florida on my own. I feelthat, being in Illinois will break the monotony of living in my hometown. This is the change that I so desire to have an experience ofbeing in the University. The new environment will bring in newexperiences both intellectually and socially.

Ultimately,the constant desire for the United States and the rest of the worldto have alternative and consistent energy source motivates me to getthis degree so badly. With the will, determination and skills, Ibelieve I can offer my contribution in research and build thefoundation for the world. Besides, enhancing my job market, anelectronic engineering degree from Illinois, it will open moreopportunities in the world. I perceive myself leading innovativeideas not only in the field, but also in other areas like business,technology or medicine, for the betterment of the world.