Week 5 Evidence-Based Change in Practice Assignment

Week5 Evidence-Based Change in Practice Assignment

Week5 Evidence-Based Change in Practice Assignment

Nursingcare is constantly under threat from poorly performing healthservices, inequalities and differences in outcomes, hencenecessitating change in clinical practices. One of the chancesincludes development of new and advanced clinical guidelines tostreamline dissemination of nursing data to facilitate evidence toaction continuum (Ruland, 2010). One of the projects that can beimplemented by fellow nursing students is design and development of aposter presentation in order to expand the effects of evidence, andengage in teamwork for effective interpretation and application ofdata. Assessment of the project would focus on creativity of nursing,the suitability of contents to the change processes and nursingresearch, as well as the quality of presentation and appeal to fellownurses (Pravikoff, Tanner, &amp Pierce, 2005). Professionalism andability to understand the data will also be evaluated for success.

Therole of nurses in research dissemination is identifying andunderstanding the characteristics of best evidence. Additionally, thenurses have the responsibility of identifying the needs andpreferences of health (Mantzoukas, 2008) service users in order toconduct research according to the identifiable needs. Nurses are alsoexpected to demonstrate expertise, skills and clinical judgment whenconducting research in order to effectively collect, document, anddisseminate evidence. They should possess professionalism in order tounderstand the needs of patients. Nurses should understand the ‘PICO’(Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome) rule of the researchprocess (McSherry &amp Warr, 2008).

Abaccalaureate-prepared nurse’s role is to conduct a systematicreview for appropriate data collection sources (American Associationof Colleges of Nursing, 2010). Additionally, the nurse is expected toconduct critical reviews, as well as offer clinical guidelinesrelevant to the research process and evidence. Nurses are alsoexpected to establish care pathways that establish links andinterventions between evidence and action.


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