Week 2 Assignment

Week2 Assignment

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Thereare many levels in an organization, which may include the managerial,operational, as well as executive levels. Each of these levelscomprises of qualities and characteristic that are unique. Themanagerial level deals with supervisory issues in the organizationwhile the operational level is concerned with the conducting crucialoperations such as production. The executive level coordinates allother levels in the organization.


Competitiveadvantage is the ability of an organization to outsmart itscompetitors and emerge strong in the market. Through competitiveadvantage, organizations have the capacity to take over a market andemerge as a dominant force. There are several sources of competitiveadvantage. One of the sources is pricing strategy offering goods ataffordable prices helps organizations to be competitive in themarket. Another source is good customer relations. Competitiveadvantage can also result from the sale of high quality products.Organizations also experience competitive advantage when they alwaysstock goods needed by customers. The involvement of organization inCorporate Social Responsibility also enhances competitive advantage.


Throughmultidomestic strategy, it is possible to ensure that products aremade for specific local markets. This strategy has an impact on theflow and control of information since it relates to the preferences,as well as customs and beliefs of the target market.


Disruptiveinnovation breaks an existing order and replaces it with a new one.One major example of such an innovation is the introduction of lowcost airlines. They are less comfortable than airlines that are ofhigh cost.


Thee-business innovation cycle has several stages and steps that areinstrumental in determining the success of online business. One ofthe steps in this cycle involves choosing emerging technologies thatwill match the business needs. The technology should then be matchedwith economic opportunities in the business. The external andinternal clients are then assessed to determine whether they fit intothe chosen technology.



Businessprocesses are supported by applications in a number of ways. Theapplications ensure that processes are conducted at a faster ratethan when there is no use of processes. In addition, the processesenhance efficiency while conducting business operations.


Thereare various types of computers, which include mainframe, workstation,server, supercomputer, as well as personal computer. Supercomputersare the most powerful and they are also expensive it helps to solvecomplex mathematical problems. Mainframe computers are used ascomputing systems by most corporations. Servers are primarily usedfor purposes of connecting other computers to the network. Personalcomputers and workstations are only used by a single user at any onetime.


Systemsoftware is instrumental since it helps in controlling the operationsin a computer hardware. The software also coordinates how thecomponents of the computer hardware communicate with each other.


Datais stored in organizations in order to enhance ease of retrieval inthe future. It is possible to retrieve any information that isrequired when there is some stored data. Data storage also helps todocument crucial information about employees of an organization. Thestorage of data is crucial in ensuring that vital information is notlost.


Computernetworking works through the mechanism of sharing of informationbetween computers, which have been connected via a network. Themessage produced by the source of information is encoded andtransmitted through a communication channel. The message is decodedby the receiver to make sure that the destination understands it(Valacich et al, 2014).


Softwareobsolescence may impact operations in an organization. It contributesto inefficiencies as well as slow business processes.


Saasimplies that the licensing of software is done on the basis ofsubscription. Iaas entails the outsourcing of software by anorganization. Paas entails the infrastructure required to createapps.


Throughgreen computing, organizations have the mandate to use computersresponsibly and ensure that computers do not harm the environment.


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