Vocabulary and Objectives 2 Motivation

Vocabularyand Objectives 2


Motivationis an intrinsic arousal that evokes a conscious decision to act, andmay be characterized by anxiety to perform, hence generating a driveto engage in cognitive or emotional reaction. Motivation is finiteand operates within a sustained physical or intellectual effort.


Diagnosisis the process of extracting appraisals or estimates in order toevaluate an individual’s conformity to psychological, emotional andcognitive characteristics. The process involves analysis ofnon-verbal cues and behavioral orientations that demonstrate anindividual’s emotional wellbeing, by looking for signs of stressand depression.


Emotionis a complex psychological and physical state of feelings caused byintrinsic and extrinsic changes and phenomena, among themtemperament, mood, personality and motivation. Emotion ischaracterized by changes in thoughts and behavior.


Thisis a treatment offered by psychiatrists for mental conditions, andinvolves talking, mentorship, and observations from psychologists.Some of the conditions requiring therapy include schizophrenia andSomatoform and its aimed at enhancing self-actualization, whilereducing hallucinations and emotional disorientations.


Developmentin psychology entails identification, promotion and driving intrinsicand extrinsic capabilities in order to attain self-actualization. Ininvolves complying with physical, cognitive, and emotional phenomenafrom an embryonic stage to maturity.


Stressis caused by explosion of anxiety from extrinsic stimuli to causephysical and mental problems. Stress affects self-motivation andconformity to moral and emotional requirements. Stress is mainlytreated using psychotherapies in order to identify its cause.


Personalityis an organized set of human characteristics uniquely influencingcognitions, motivations, moral and behavioral adaptations.Personality is influenced by a locus of control, which makes a personstrongly believe in the ability to control and apply intrinsiccharacteristics.


Healthassessment is an approach to evaluate the compliance of humancognitive, mental, and behavioral capacities and wellness. Itinvolves investigating disorders from their embryonic stages, throughdevelopment stages, and their influence on human health.


Socialpsychology is a scientific study of human feelings, cognitive skills,behavioral developments and influences to intrinsic and extrinsicfeelings of other people’s presence. It evaluates hierarchy ofsocial structures and their association to cognitive, emotional, andbehavioral engagement.