Using Quantitative And Qualitative Research Designs In Business

UsingQuantitative And Qualitative Research Designs In Business

UsingQuantitative And Qualitative Research Designs In Business

Qualitativeand quantitative researches are crucial in analyzing different issuesfacing any organization. Most organizations depend on the tworesearch designs towards achieving their success. Many companies suchas Google, general motors, Coca-Cola, Intel, and Pizza Hut use thetwo research designs to get the insight into the true needs and wantsof the customers. The two designs aid in gaining an in-depthcomprehensiveness of human behavior (Ingle, 2013). Quantitative andqualitative research can be most appropriate in understanding theissues of theft within any business. Managing risks and threats inbusiness may be so challenging although qualitative and quantitativeresearches aid to reduce the risks. Both researches help in reducingbusiness losses leading to successful outcome that seems desirable.Qualitative research may be implored whenever some members oforganization are suspected of theft cases. Interviews oruninterrupted observations on the suspect can help in knowing thetruth of the matter on the ground. Seconding the qualitative researchis the quantitative research. The quantitative research quantifiesthe theft issues experienced in business. Through the quantitativeresearch, one can conduct a survey and later analyze the results inrelated to theft practices within the organization.

Usingboth quantitative and qualitative research designs have a positiveimpact in any business. Among the benefits of using the tworesearches, the accuracy of the information found in case of anybusiness threat or risk. The two research designs also give a summaryof large information that will take a few minutes of reading andcomprehending. Both research designs analyze the results foundenabling the organization search for possible solutions to theexisting issues (Ingle, 2013). After the analysis, the researchesfinalize the results hence giving a way forward to differentorganizations affected. Notably, quantitative and qualitativeresearches are two significant designs that can aid a lot inpromoting organization as well as handling any business threat.


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