Mystrange behavior

Ibelieve that everyone in this world has a strange behavior. Some ofthese behaviors might be too embarrassing or too personal for somepeople to share. However I believe that strange behaviors are whatmakes us human and individually unique. My tendency to eat matchstickheads is one such strange behavior that I have been having for thelongest time. From wooden safety matches to the paper stick matches,I find the phosphorous head of these matches irresistible. In fact, Ihave continually bought matchboxes for that sole purpose- to eatthem.

Istarted eating matches when I was very young. I remember an uncle ofmine who used to smoke striking the matches and I was alwaysfascinated by the smell of burning phosphorus. Although I dislikedthe cigarette smoke that he used to exhale as he smoked, I alwaysstayed close to him when he lighted a cigarette so I could smell thematch and also borrow a few match sticks. I have tried severally tokick this habit but have failed. At first, I was worried that thechemical component of the match head would harm my teeth. I latercame to learn that in fact teeth contained phosphorus. It is onlylately that I have learned that excessive phosphorus intake has nodirect harm against the body but overworks the kidney. In light ofthis, I have reignited my desire to kick this strange behavior oncefor all. It does not serve any purpose in my life except in quellingthis strange craving.

Frommy case, it is clear that strange behaviors are unique toindividuals. Some of these behaviors are used to calm our emotions orblock out other feelings. In my case, it is a case of strange cravingthat has a potential to ruin my health. It is therefore, theprerogative of every individual to assess these strange behaviors ontheir advantages and disadvantages and take remedial actions. If abehavior jeopardizes life, health, education or any area of one’slife it should be stopped and if need with the assistance of aprofessional.