TheFuture of Korean Film Industry in Hollywood

Recentstudy shows that Korean film industry is gaining fame worldwide. Thefilm industry has successfully worked towards producing manyaward-winning movies. The snow piercer is one movie that shows therate of success that the industry has had for some time. For the lastfifty years, Korean film industry gained admission to the domesticbox office. The industry managed to get large market share, whichmade it acquire more sales than in the previous years. The Koreangovernment allowed productions of domestic movies at theaters for thepublic to access them. Korean film industry has hope of winning otherprizes that would make it famous among other industries. Recently,the most debated movie is the snow piercer, which marks an importantphase within the Korean film industry. The snow piercer is a moviethat shows the strength and weakness of humankind in an attempt tosolve the challenge of global warming. The movie covers a wide rangeof some common issues that affect the life most individuals. Themovie director Bong Joon-ho came up with a thrilling experiencehaving an idea of making the whole film industry successful acrossother continents. The setting of the snow piercer gives an impressionof an environment that is affected by a failed experiment of globalwarming ushered in the dawn of Ice Age (Shin 85).

Thestoryline of the Snowpiercer appears to be set at the period ofaround the year 2031. The whole world is exposed to ice hence beingfrozen. The people who survived the freezing are those who are on atrain that hurtle around the globe. As a matter of the fact, thepeople on the train create some two different class system andeconomy. The people who stayed at the front part of the train remainto be of high social and economic class. The seated at the back ofthe train led by Curtis are a group of citizens belonging to thelower class. The lower class people are presented as people living atthe squalor in the train, but they are determined to get to the frontof the train. The lower class citizens believe that they have to moveto the front of the train. The target of moving to the front part ofthe train where the rich citizens stay is for the wealth to be spreadaround. Every group inside the train faces many new surprises as theycross any section of the train. The actions that the people in thetrain go through are the signs of incoming revolution across theworld. A revolt erupts because of the wealth imbalance that the lowerclass citizens witnessed. The inhabitants of the snow piercer mayhave survived from freezing to death however, the survivors decidedto have themselves appear in classes, which creates a wholesomerevolution. The action within the people inside the snow piercerrepresents the common habitat of human being where class systemexists at any given institution. The citizens occupying the lowerpart of the train are derived off their basic effects such as food.The deprivation and the killing of some revolts is allegory thatstands to depict the real situations that the poor citizens undergo.At the end of the movie, some two characters Yona and Timmy survivedafter the train is derailed. Yona spots a polar bear, which to themsymbolized a sign of life outside the train (SnowpiercerN.P).

Themovie, Snowpiercer is a masterpiece representation of the brightfuture of the film industry in Korea. Produced by Harvey Weinstein,the movie combined all the masterpiece and creativity required toplace the Hollywood and the Korean industry in the global platform.Traditionally, big players that have saturated the market of the filmindustry have dominated the Korean film industry. The increasingcompetition between the local and international film companies withinthe state demand significant creativity and innovation in the releaseof the movies to the market, an idea that appeared utilized by theHollywood Company when developing and releasing the movie,Snowpiercer (SnowpiercerN.P).Significant analysis of the Korean film industry reveals that theindustry has had a tradition of film release taking longer periodsbefore hitting the local and international markets. However, therelease of the Snowpiercer disapproves the tradition as the movie wasreleased by the Hollywood Company in less than three months as itused to be. While the change might be considered extra ordinary tothe Korean film industry, Paquet (87) considers it a great source ofmotivational force to the industry to embrace technology thatconsiders efficiency and quality, thereby, the bright future ofHollywood in the Korean film market.

Itis inarguable that Korean is rich with significant mixture of Chineseand Korean cultures that increase the availability of a ready marketfor the film industry. Previously, the media industry has enjoyed theavailability of significant opportunities that can be exploited fortheir benefits and the benefits of the Korean population. Forexample, the television drama is among the greatest area of focusthat has acted as a key attraction for the Korean audiences.Similarly, Shin assert that the recent advent of the Korean Wave,“Hallyu” that symbolizes the increasing relations between theChinese and Koreans provide the film industry with significantopportunities that can be exploited for their success (74).Significant analysis of the Hollywood Company reveals it to have anexcellent history of providing high-quality film products meeting theneeds of its target markets. Therefore, combining the history of theHollywood Company and the prevailing opportunities in the Korean filmindustry shows its future in the country bright (SnowpiercerN.P).

Thephilosophical impacts and the intellectual provocative nature of theSnowpiercer film is a hidden symbolic representation of theincreasing growth and popularity of the HollywoodFilm Company andthe film industry as a whole in the Korean market. The classisttechnocracy put forth by the film alongside the undisputed globalreception of the film leaves a lot to be considered on the future ofthe film industry in Korea. As stated by Riendeau, the exterior shotsof the movie are visually stunning and incomparable to most of thefilms released in Korea over the recent past (1). Similarly, theauthor focuses the claustrophobic nature of the camera work andconsiders it as a masterpiece crafted to symbolize the expandingnature of the Hollywood presence in the Asian market and improvementin the performance of the Korean film industry (SnowpiercerN.P).

Arecent review by the Business Insider revealed that the compellingnature of the strategy used by the Snowpiercer proves it far beyonduse for other movies created within the state. As stated by Shin,such uniqueness of the strategy used in the film is a symbolicrepresentation of the expanding nature of the Korean industry andflourishing of its players (88). Traditionally, the Korean filmindustry has faced the challenge of effective and functioning modelsof distributing independent movies locally and internationally.Notably, the unexpected success of the Snowpiercer movie implies thatthe Korean film industry has reached its maturity alongside havingundergone a significant change in the tradition secondary to the highaccess to big audiences and efficient economic growth. While recentcriticisms might place the Snowpiercer, second-best after the moviethe Attorney, the idea that the film won the Annual Film of the YearAward signifies its relevance and nature of the improving growth ofthe Korean film industry. Moreover, significant analysis of theKorean film industry shows it devoid of movies characterized byart-house roots and language. However, the significant creativity,expertise, and art-house skills that were used to create theSnowpiercer movie shows the significant growth undergone by theKorean movie industry, thereby, its future growth (Pomerantz 1).

Itis beyond explainable doubts that Snowpiercer movie hits all theexpected requirements for a dystopian narrative. The evocative butrelatively unrelenting and savage setting of action creates anextraordinary imagery of the tech-savvy nature of the Korean markets.As such, while the past of the Korean film industry has faced thechallenge of significant uncertainties, the picture created by themovie shows the bright future and an array of expectations for theKorean film industry. Moreover, the Korean film industry has facedthe significant challenge of marketing its products locally andinternationally. In fact, film companies have faced the burden ofincurring almost all the costs associated with the marketing of theirproducts. However, the marketing strategies used by the Hollywoodwhen releasing the movie, Snowpiercer, prove the tradition extinct.An examination of the marketing approaches used by the Hollywoodshows that the company collaborated with other stakeholders such asChris Evans to reduce the advertising costs. Consequently, thepartnership saw a reduction in the advertising costs and increase inthe total gross profits. Therefore, with Snowpiercer as an example,the film industry has significant opportunities to explore for itssuccess in the coming future (Riendeau 3).

Thedomestic market for the film products within Korea is adequate. Forexample, Hollywood reported profit of $4.4 million from its local boxoffice. This was a significant amount when compared with the $6.5million on its international box office or the VOD office. Similarly,the movie entered the Oscar race for its unique features from itsproduction to distribution networks. Therefore, considering thisshows that the future of the film industry in Korea has significantopportunities that should be exploited for the success of theindustry (Pomerantz 1).

Whileconsidering the reception of the Snowpiercer movie a symbol forsignificant opportunities available for the film industry in thecoming future, a consideration of specific factors that might hinderthe realization of such dreams is imperative. For instance, theincreasing adoption of new and sophisticated technology in the filmindustry increases the uncertainties facing the Korean film industry.The volatility of the external factors such as the socio-politicalstate of Korea also increases the uncertainties facing the industry.Other factors such as the constantly changing needs of the audiencesand the increasing competition between the companies involved in theindustry challenge its future in the Korean market. Therefore, asstated by Paquet responsive measures should be adopted to secure thefuture and the sustainability of the film industry in Korea (54). Assuch, irrespective of the influence of the external factors, thesymbolic nature of the movie Snowpiercer shows a bright future forthe Korean film industry.


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