Unions in the U.S




Unionshave been part of the United States`s history since the birth of thecountry. The primary aim of creating these unions was to protect theworkers from abuses like unsafe working conditions and sweatshops.The unions in the U.S have twisted into the economic, cultural andpolitical fabric thus promoting the development of America (Tillman,2010). Despite the success, some accuse these unions of cripplingindustries. They claim that the compensation of executive isskyrocketing while those of the middle class are stagnant. The middleclass suffers from unemployment and unnecessarily layoffs (Tillman,2010). This paper analyzes the reasons for increasing the role of theunions in United States as well as outlining the roles played by HRMpersonnel in employee relations within the company. Further, itexplores the various role played by the government in these unions.

Roleof unions in the U.S

Ibelieve that the role of the unions in the U.S should be increasedbecause workers need fair treatment. They should continue to protectworkers because this is the purpose they were originally founded(Tillman, 2010). Most of the organizations focus on maximizing theirwealth at the expense of the workers. Today, the economy and natureof work is changing forcing workers to work tirelessly in order toprovide health insurance, job safety, and good pension coverage.Instead, organizations are making the jobs less secure by contactingfrom outside the country, downsizing and layoffs. Further, theirroles should be increased to curb the threats of sweatshopconditions, low wages and overexploitation at workplace by employers(Tillman, 2010). In my research, the power of unions is decreasingleading many leaders into complacency and corruption. They shouldcollectively represent the American working families by making thempride for their work, respected and emphasize for fair treatment atworkplace.

Roleplayed by HRM personnel within the Organization

Thehuman resource department plays numerous roles in the organization.The unit is required to implement the current laws in the workplaceas well as communicating them to the workers. The HRM is responsiblefor hiring, disciplining, promoting and firing employees within theorganization (Dias,2012).It is believed that the success or failure of a business depends onthe relationship between the employees. They must share a cordialrelation and learn to trust each other. The human resource managerpersonnel plays a significant role in employee relations within theorganization (Dias,2012).The first role is that he helps in binding the workers together. Hecomes with innovative ideas that help fasten the relation among theemployees hence bringing them together.

Theother role is involving the workers in productive activities thathelp them know each other well. Majority of the employees are engagedin routine work that does not give them a chance to interact withothers. The HRM personnel should ensure that there are groupactivities within the organization that brings all the workerstogether (Sims,2012).The activities may include potlucks, sports, and informalget-togethers among others. He must also ensure that all theemployees participate in these activities. The HRM personnel shouldalso make sure that the top performers in the organization arerecognized and rewarded (Sims,2012).They should send congratulation messages and give some trophy as atoken of appreciation. The workers are made aware of each other`sperformance, and this motivates them to work even more.

Roleplayed by government in unions

Thegovernment is the primary employer in most of the unions. Thegovernment has realized that being in control over these unions isone of the very powerful ways to accomplish their strategic andpolitical goals (Northrop&amp Bloom 2013).For instance, the human resource management is a service of thegovernment that provides support to public administration accordingto the principles established. The government formulates policiesthat help maximize the conditions for employee development. Inaddition, it ensures that worker’s dignity is preserved, and thetalents of members of different ethnic groups are effectivelyharnessed (Northrop&amp Bloom 2013).A labor union is an organization established to represent employeeson matters pertaining the terms and conditions of employment.

Thefirst role played by the government is the compulsory unionism. Thegovernment encourages employers to recognize unions and negotiatethrough the process of collective bargaining. The law recognizesthese unions and prohibits any individual worker from bargaining theterms of employment with their employer (Northrop &amp Bloom 2013).The government also plays the role of a government neutral whereby itdoes not encourage or discourage the formation of unions. Employeesare free to form any union provided the laws against violence,property destruction, and fraud are not violated.


Unionsare created to protect employees from being abused by theiremployers. They fight for better pay, education, benefits andhealthcare among others. Over years, these unions have workedharmoniously to improve the working conditions of the Americans. Thegovernment plays a larger role in ensuring that these unions existfor the purpose in which they were founded (Northrop &amp Bloom2013). The government provides that an individual worker whether inunion or not enjoy the desired benefits. In addition, it helpsstrengthen participation and consultation of workers and their unionson issues such as design, evaluation and implementation of policies.The policies relate to the environment, employment, and development.


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