Trends in guest room design

Trendsin guest room design

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Trendsin guest room design

Theguest room furniture needs to be opulent that oozes with excessivelavishness. It is essential to create a ‘wow’ feeling in the mindof the guest with the use of furniture in the guest room. Glamourneeds to be a basic trend for the guest room furniture. A comfortablebed is a crucial thing that should be given a priority whenorganizing the guest house furniture. There is a great difficulty infalling asleep in strange surroundings, especially if the placehappens to be uncomfortable (Piotrowski &amp Rogers, 2007).

Comfortabilityshould be guiding principle of determining the bed to be purchasedfor a guest room. The bed needs to offer a unique taste to the guestfor instance, it can have artworks engraved on it. A good mattressmatters a lot accompanied by high-quality bed sheets. The owner ofthe guest house should not run for cheap beddings rather, he shouldfind high threaded sheets and excellent pillows at a fair price. Itis also essential to personalize sheets and pillow cases withwhimsical greetings such as good morning, good night, sleep well andthe like.

Asmall room can be furnished with the stylish daybed alongside with atrundle bed for an extra guest. Sofa bed is also another preferablechoice over day bed. The beds need to be dressed up with freshpillows bed linen. Individuality is a crucial thing in the guest roomfurniture trends. It tends to be a thing that wealthy feed on viaexpensive personal customizations, as well as the products they have(Hayes &amp Ninemeier, 2007). Custom does not necessarily meanexpensive but needs passionately created furniture. The custom aspecthas great power in making a guest room of its kind and thus winningthe heart of many guests. It should hence be highly regarded whenfurnishing the guestroom. A cozy chair is another aspect that has tobe considered when furnishing the guest room. Every guest will beappreciate a comfy chair when private time will be required. The cozychair represents a good place where the guest can rest or just sitwhen reading.

Anattractive and appealing desk in artistic features should also beprovided in the guest room. Many guests carry with themselves laptopcomputers in order to stay connected with family, business associatesand friends. It is hence essential to furnish the guest room with astudy roomy desk with its lamp and an easily accessible Internet andelectrical plugs. The chest of drawers is a must aspect in the guestroom. This is because every guest is bound to welcoming storagespace. It is more convenient for the guest to store items in thedrawers rather that pulling them from the bags now and then.

Aluggage rack should not also be forgotten when furnishing the guestroom. It is very convenient when it comes to packing and evenunpacking. It also helps the guest room to stay clean since bedcovers cannot get dirty or snagged by luggage placed on top of themwhen either packing or unpacking. They can also be foldedconveniently and kept out of sight if they are not in use (Piotrowski&amp Rogers, 2007). Finally, the arrangement of the guest roomfurniture means a lot. Every piece of furniture should bestrategically positioned. For example, clothes stand should be justnear to the bed while the chair and study table need to be adjacentto each other.


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