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Employee Training

Importance of measuring competence

Currently, competencies are an important part of the criteria used to determine employees’ suitability. At ABC, we measure the competence of our staff with the objective of identifying the knowledge and skills gaps. We believe that we need to know where we are in order to move forward to reach our objectives. By measuring the current competencies of all employees, the hospital designs the training programs that give them the competences they lack. Therefore, the measurement of competencies contributes towards the hospitals’ continuous improvement program.

Evaluating the training effectiveness

Once the training program is complete, the hospital makes a follow-up to determine whether employees are able to apply the knowledge and skills gained in their practices.

The training evaluation process used at ABC has five major steps, including the description of output, pre-training assessment, post assessment (employee reaction), post assessment (learning and self-assessment), and follow-up. The evaluation process determines the new knowledge gained and the ability of the trained persons to apply the same in enhancing the hospital service delivery.

The ABC staff training program is one of the most important methods that the hospital uses to increase the competence of employees. Employees who need further information regarding the forthcoming training programs can contact the human resources department in person or email to [email protected].

Importance of Employee Training Programs

Employee training and development is among the pillar of our services delivery and innovation at ABC Hospital. All the health care services (including the long-term care, acute intensive care, and acute standard care) offered at ABC Hospital calls for regular training of health care providers to ensure that our services are up-to-date.

Our training programs focus on equipping the members of staff with the latest technology, knowledge, and skills that are important to their day-to-day activities.

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