Topic Marketing`s Strengths and Weaknesses


Marketing`s Strengths and Weaknesses

Topic: Marketing`sStrengths and Weaknesses

Online marketing research involves the marketing of product orservices via the internet by passing promotion messages to theconsumer through connecting the buyer and seller. It requires thepublisher who sets the advertisement into online content andadvertiser who provide the notice. Online marketing research includesemail marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing.Online marketing research has been of great merit in the UnitedStates (Klein, 2014). Enormous revenue has been gained from this formof advertisement, unlike broadcast television. It is a cheap means ofcommunication to the consumers. Majority of marketers opt for thismode since they can globally contact their esteemed customers withjust one message. Advertisers also get the opportunity to communicatewith their customers and get feedback on the various questions thatthey may need clarification. This makes this method an outstandingmeans of advertisement (Klein, 2014). Online marketing researchlowers operation cost unlike other modes of advertisement. It isextremely cheap to post a print brochure or to send an E-mail throughthe internet. Using a newspaper to convey the same message isexpensive since the cost of the newspaper will depend on the totalnumber of the words used. Similarly, not all esteemed customers getthe information since not all can purchase publications. Onlinemarketing is readily available due to the growth of technology.Customers can get the information via their phones easily anytime andanywhere they are. This method saves time since customers can makepurchases online without visiting the particular place and deliveriesof their products or services will be done to them (Chaman, 2014).Online marketing informs and enlightens esteemed customers about theproduct on daily basis unlike other methods that advertise it atspecific timing. This method of advertisement can reach acrossthe globe after a short period of advertising. This leads to thegrowth of the market since it will attract the customers. It cantarget a particular group of the society which may comprise theesteemed clients in a very short period. Since it allows obtaininginformation about customers, it creates room for interaction betweenthe customer and the marketer (Chaman, 2014). This method ofadvertisement is flexible to both sides since information can easilybe changed to suit the marketer or the customer (Oliver et al.,2011).

Online marketing research is faced with various challenges. Instanceswhere there is an issue with slow internet connection it will takelong to download the document making it dull and customers may notget the information if they give up (Kotler &amp Armsrong, 2012). Itis also an issue to the client to gain trust to the marketer and payfor a commodity that they have not physically touched. It may be achallenge for customers to pay for the product. Due to the highincrease rate of fraud the customers lack trust with the marketerwhich leads to the reputation of honest companies being destroyed(Fatayerji, 2012). The other demerit of online marketing research isthe cash delivery system since it does not guarantee the purchase ofthe product. These cases were mocking to big companies by orderingusing fake identities (Kotler &amp Armsrong, 2012).

Marketers need to provide security to customers without necessarilywanting to make sells. They should maintain customers’ secrecy andnot give out information to other internet users. The marketer shouldkeep customers’ information and details but not expose them to theworld (Luther, 2011). Online marketing research has challenges ofcost since it will need capital to put information. It needs money toput the information on the internet and also for the customer to getthe information they will need internet. Additionally, the marketerswill need to update their databases frequently to ensure that clientsget the latest products and or services. If customers do not checkinto outdated messages more often they check for updated messages(Oliver et al., 2011).


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