Therapeutic Communications




Socialcommunication is a relatively novel term that has come up over thelast decade. However, social communication is not a new term ratherit may have just got a new meaning through the categorization andregrouping of former concepts. Such concepts include socialinteraction, social reciprocity and social skills. Socialcommunication can be explained by understanding and having knowledgeof social reciprocity. Social reciprocity can be defined as socialinteraction that is displayed by use of joint attention in sharingexperiences and emotions with another individual (Tamparo &ampLindh, 2007). Therapeutic communication on the other hand can bedescribed as face to face interaction of individuals with the focusof advancing the emotional and physical well-being of a person.Therapeutic communication uses several techniques such as the use ofsilence in order to help the patient open up and express themselves,accepting the patient’s statements by nodding the head and offeringgeneral leads. Therapeutic communications introduces an element ofempathy. It also gives the patient some form of comfort as thepatient feels respected and validated. In addition, this form ofcommunication provides information and support topatients(TherapeuticCommunication and Behavioral Management, 2015).

Whilesocial and therapeutic communication are used in healthcare settings,therapeutic communication in the better choice as it offers moreempathy to the patient as compared to social communication. Unliketherapeutic communication, social communication can only be possibleif the two parties share experiences and emotions. In other words,both parties must actively participate in the communication process.(Tamparo &amp Lindh, 2007). Therapeutic communication is used whenbreaking bad news to patients and their family members. This isbecause this form of communication involves the use of empathy.Social communication can be used to as an information tool inhealthcare settings.


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