The United States, Iran, and the Greater Middle East

TheUnited States, Iran, and the Greater Middle East

TheUnited States of America is one of the most powerful countries in theworld. The United States has a significant impact in dealing withchanges that affect the world, by engaging diplomatic activities thatcould include military intervention among others. This particularessay is essential because of the rising need to deal with terrorism,civil wars, and conflicts between countries. All these issues affectthe world by destabilizing peace and coexistence. Thus, the UnitedStates of America has a duty to intervene, this diplomatic functionis backed by the people and supported by the Congress(Pickering 57).Emergingchanges and instability has made the United States of America toensure that justice and interests protected. Terrorism is not only acrucial issue that affects the US, but also the whole world. Thus,this calls for action to counter this menace. The current situationin the US where there is military intervention in the Middle East incountries like Afghanistan and Iraq(Pickering 59).

Thearticle is peer- reviewed, you find that the author’s informationat the end of the article. Another aspect is that the tone of thearticle is more of investigative and thoughtful which makes it peerreviewed. The topic is also widely explored and discussed in depth,and the article`s tone depicts that the people had some little bitknowledge about the subject of discussion. The article’s claim ison American foreign policy and focuses on the United Statesinterrelationship with the Middle East. The author supports his claimby giving the facts of the government and administration support fordiplomacy, and the claim is also supported using examples ofcountries in the Middle East and giving his thoughts on those cases.The author uses the Toulmin method, for instance, when the authorrefers to the United States as having an absolute first-classmilitary and the world’s strongest economy. The claim here is thatUS has a more equipped and probably the best military in the worldand also has a stable economy in the world, which is supported byfacts and generalizations. Data collected in terms of figures areutilized, for example, the 3300 new officers approved by the Congressis the use of Toulmin method. In conclusion, diplomatic actions arevital for the promotion of justice in the world. The US leads upfrontin dealing with changes in the Middle East and the world.


Pickering,Thomas R. &quotThe United States, Iran, and the Greater MiddleEast.&quot AmericanForeign Policy Interests(2010): 57-63.