The talking, walking objects

Thetalking, walking objects

Thetalking, walking objects

Introductionand summary

Thearticle talking, walking objects revolves around the robotictechnology. The author expresses the present condition of the robotictechnology and also tries to speculative the technology’s future.Simon is a humanoid robot which have formed the bigger part of theauthor`s argument. The author indicated that Simon could hear spokensentences and could perfectly use some social skills. According tothe author, the robots’ existence into the life of human beings isgreat benefits. She used the example of Roomba a robot meant formobbing. She explained that it relieved them tedious work of movingheavy furniture on a weekly basis. This is because the robot couldeasily wash under this furniture. She also explained that peopleshould expect advanced robotic technology where people will berelieved of their chores of picking their crumbs, as well as floorscrubbing among others (Diana, 2013).

Description,explanation, and discussion

Robotsare automatic mechanical devices that tend to resemble an animal or ahuman. The modern robots are usually electro-mechanical machines thatare guided by an electronic circuit or a computer program. The authorhas described the robots as essential parts of the human life in theworld today. The document starts by reviewing the currentachievements in the robotic technology. It then explains howbeneficial the technology is before analyzing its future. Thearticle’s arrangement is praiseworthy giving a comprehensiveanalysis of each component revolving around the robotic technology(Diana, 2013). For example, the author indicates how Simon is aunique robot which can see, hear, react and feel using humanlikemovements and sound.

Theauthor also describes how robots can do things that exceed the humancapability. This is well explained with the use of Roomba a robotwhich could mob under the furniture which was impossible for humanbeings. The article also reveals how the robotic technology can beused in some of the critical sectors such as hospitals. She indicatesthat the robotic technology can be employed in a way that themedicine bottle can open its lid and offer the precise dose to thepatient. It can as well call the pharmacist when it is empty (Diana,2013). The article’s information has been written in such a waythat every aspect of the technology can be easily understood andperceived.

Thearticle has managed to explain its content comprehensively. Therobotic technology has been clearly described what it entails andvarious features that are attributed to it. The author has clearlymanaged to explain the achievements that have been acquired in thetechnology and the technology’s future. From the article’sdescription, one can understand how effectively the technology canuse. The author has also indication the consumer’s feedback of someof the latest robotic innovations. She noted that Siri, which is theiPhone’s speech recognition of a robotic nature which has won thehearts of many people (Diana, 2013). With the insight of how therobotic technology can be used in areas like hospitals, the author istrying to reveal some of the fields that this technology is muchneeded although it has not yet been employed.

Thearticle has, therefore, managed to describe and explain what therobotic technology is, its capabilities, the current innovations andthe future expectations of the technology. The article has also beenarranged in a way that clearly indicates the reasons as to why thistechnology is essential. The article’s content is systematicallydescribed and possesses substance. It is easy to understand since thelanguage used is friendly to all. It is, therefore, evident that thearticle’s explanation and description about the subject matter arewell done. However, the author failed to indicate whether there aresome disadvantages attributed to this technology.


Mostof the article’s explanations are agreeable. The author has citedsome evidence of the robotic technology’s capability. Simon is aperfect example of the author’s subject matter. He has used Simonto explain how effective the robotic technology as well as how itoperates (Diana, 2013). Roomba another type of robot has beendescribed in the article hence supporting the author’s arguments.With the user’s appraisal of the Siri technology, the article’sargument can be perceived as satisfactory. However, there is nothingthat does not have its negativity. Advantages over advantages of aparticular thing tend to determine the value of that thing. The factthat the article reveals the positive part of the technology only isvery deceiving since one cannot clearly judge its effectiveness aswell as its value.

Strategiesand structure

Theauthor has made use of problem-solving strategy in his description.He has analyzed the robotic technology on its potential in solvingcertain problems revolving around the human beings mode of operation.She, for example, used the Roomba technology to analyze its potentialin solving the problem of moving heavy furniture from one point tothe other when mobbing (Diana, 2013). He also used a speculativestrategy in airing her views. She explained how the technology can beemployed in various areas. She was, however, basing her arguments onthe technology’s achievements at hand. The article’s structure ismagnificent with the entire context analyzing one subject mattersystematically although from different perspectives. The argument iswell supported with examples as well as consumer’s feedback. Thestructure also allows the reader to understand where the technologyis currently so that he or she can flow with the author in herspeculations.


Diana,C. (2013). Thetalking, walking objects.New York: The New York Times.