The Seriousness of Global Warming

TheSeriousness of Global Warming

TheSeriousness of Global Warming

Today,many reputable researchers have questioned the issue of climatechange and global warming, making it to become a contentious issueall over the world. Not only is global warming a serious issue, butalso it has proven to have social, political, health, scientific,ecological, and economic implications. Hansen who is a remarkablescientist has been speaking and writing about the consequences ofglobal warming and the threats it poses to humankind and the entireuniverse (Miller, 2012). Therefore, global warming is a serious issuethan we think and keeps on threatening our lives if not arrestedearly.

BeforeI show how serious global warming is, we need to first of allunderstand what global warming is. According to Miller (2012), globalwarming occurs when global temperatures rise sharply or when humanactivities lead to high production of carbon dioxide which is thenreleased in large amounts into the atmosphere. Miller (2012) suggeststhat the amount of carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere hasincreased since in the nineteenth century from two hundred and eightyparts per million to three hundred and ninety parts per million. Thisrise in temperature has caused very serious effects on weatherchanges.

Aftervisiting various continents on the planet, droughts, floods, mudslides capitalize how the issue of global warming is serious andshould therefore, be not ignored. In the year 2010, I was visitingNashville and all of a sudden a heavy downpour flooded the wholeplace causing so much damage. More than twenty deaths were reportedduring that time. Moreover, that same year, the following news alsoappeared in AljazeeraTV station: “For over five days now, Northwestern Pakistan hasreceived a heavy down pour that has no signs of stopping. The rainshave caused catastrophic floods that have now killed one thousand andsix hundred people and sixteen million people have been lefthomeless.” This statement can act as a warning to those who denythe seriousness of global warming effects.

Thereare other catastrophes besides flooding that show how Global warmingis serious and has tremendous effects on various aspects of life.Drought news has been dominating in almost all radio and TV stations.For example, in 2010, the NewYork Timeshad the following news: “The world food prices have been affectedby the extreme drought that has hit the Shandong Province in China.The drought has caused a shortfall in the production of wheat crop inthis area.” Such news shows how global warming causes instabilityand threatens the life of many living organisms.

Anotherexample that shows the seriousness of global warming is its effectson health. As time passes by, the intensity of high temperatures canbe felt right on our very own skins. For example, high rate of skincancer have been linked to global warming that destroys the ozonelayer. Other extreme events caused by global warming can causeabdominal and intestinal problems especially in floods evacuees. Inaddition, when I was in Nashville, fresh water and food was hard toget. My worry was that I could suffer from Cholera since the waterand food I took during that time was contaminated. Thanks to God thatdid not happen. “Help,” the voices of drowning and frightenedmothers and children could be heard from far this was not pleasantat all. The above examples show that global warming causes extremeevents that can threaten and have threatened the health of peopleindirectly and directly.

Globalwarming is a serious issue that affects every aspect of our lives. Itcauses events like floods, fire, drought, and health problems thatpose a threat to human kind. Therefore, ways of dealing with itshould be developed before it is too late.


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