The Nurses Role in Promoting Patient Rights

Nurses have a personal and constant relationship with theirpatients. In addition to providing palliative and curing care to thepatients, nurses have an important role of advocating for theirpatients’ rights. There are many ways through which nurses canintercede or act on behalf of their patients (Sally &amp Ruth,2014). The interpersonal relationship between the patients and thenurse makes him or her best link between the patient and the hospitaladministration and departments, as well as the members of the family.However, patient advocacy is not an easy task. To effectively performthis task, the nurse needs to have adequate knowledge in differentaspects of patient rights and a positive relationship with othermembers of the society (Ann et al, 2014).

There are several ways through which nurses can contribute inpatient advocacy. First, nurses should ensure that all patients aretreated with respect and honor with an aim of ensuring that humandignity is preserved. In many cases, patient and their familiesarrive in the hospital traumatized and anxious due to the unfamiliarlandscape and communication within the health care facility. They mayfind it difficult to interpret procedures and instructions issued bythe physicians. The nurse should take a responsibility of providinginformation on the concerns of the patients to the physicians as wellas educating the patients (Jean, 2012). Nurses should also advocatefor equal and unbiased access to health care services for allpatients. According to ANA code of ethics, care givers are expectedto perform their duties ““with compassion and respect for theinherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual,unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personalattributes, or the nature of health problems” (Draper et al, 2011).Therefore, the role of nurses in patient advocacy involvescommunicating, liaison, educating, care giving and interpretation(Mason, et al 2014).


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