The influence of men writers in the shaping of the Portuguese literary canon

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Theinfluence of men writers in the shaping of the Portuguese literarycanon


Thepurpose of this essay is to investigate the topic stated above. Theessay will lay emphasis on the impact of male writes in Portugal,Brazil as well as the USA. It will outline the various contributionsthat Lusophone authors in the literal canon in the above countriesnot forgetting the predicaments they face in their course of work. Assuch my essay will also suggest of the alternative solutions to theproblems authors encounter. The main problems to be discussed in thisessay are those related to publishing of literal works by maleauthors. To be able to accomplish this effectively, my paper will bedivided into four parts. These are:

Iintend to approach this essay by outlining the contributions ofBrazilian and Portuguese writers taking the authors Paulo JoseMiranda and Edson Moreira as case studies (Goldberg 35). This will bein light of the various developments that has took place in thepublishing industry creating a better platform for authors,specifically the Lusophone authors (Hulet 7). This research aims atmaking positive contributions to the subject matter, which is men inliterature and more specifically their contributions in molding thisliterature canon in Portugal Brazil and USA. The Lusophone writers inthese countries have made great contributions to literature in theirdays but following developments in technology as well as socialmedia, their works are now faced with the threat of obsolescence(Parkinson et al 18). This essay will hence investigate possible waysthrough which social media can be used to keep their works alive inthis modern era. This kind of research emerges as a very useful toolfor both students interested in the Lusophone literature as well asenrichment of the Lusophone canon (California, 46). This is so sincenew insights on works in this literal sections will be brought tomlight providing the reader with new knowledge on the subject matter.More importantly, the research provides methods that can be used topreserve this culture. As such, academic groups focusing in Lusophoneliterature in the above countries will find this research immenselyresourceful (Silva 6).


Theresearch will employ Thematic, Empiric as well as Theoreticalapproaches to reveal important information about the chosen writersin the Lusophone literal canon. To begin with, the research willprovide details on the early lives and the literal styles adopted byeach of the above writers. This will include the literal works ofPaulo Jose Miranda from the time he began his writing career in theyear 1965. The research will also provide information on thecontributions made by the writers in each of their careers such asany awards garnered within this field of literature. The secondanalytical tool to be used in the research will be a comparison ofthe efforts that Edison Moreira and Jose Paulo Miranda made towardsliterature during their time. To be able to produce an encompassingresearch on the subject matter, I intend to carry out an intensiveresearch on any biographies written on the above authors, critiquesrelated to their books as well as any fictional material related tothis topic. Lastly, this research will use the Artistical Chronopostheory advanced by the famous linguistic Mikail Baktin to identifythe relationship between the works of the above writers and thesocial-political environment that surrounded them at their (Tamen12). This is to identify the social or political forces thattriggered them come up with the ideas in their books.

Buildinga Panoram for the authors literary lives

Thisresearch will focus on the significant literal contributions of thechosen authors following a keen review of their published books. Theimpact of this works will go over board to not only look at the localcontributions on the case study countries, Portugal and Brazil butidentify the literal impacts of the published works of Edison an Joseon the history of literature in general as well as other regions ofthe world in which the works of these writers had impact (Moog 22).Closer insight will be provided to shoe the cultural influences atthe time the authors wrote their works incorporating broader aspectsthat influences an author’s choice of theme such as historical andgeographic realms. As such, the research will show regional literalability of the countries Portugal and Brazil.

Introductionof research work in mainstream media

Finally,this research will establish whether the publication of works ofresearch advocating for authors who seem to be ignored in thiscentury can be of any help in bringing the recognition that theseliteral heroes deserve or giving credit for the great contributionsthat these authors made in the Lusophone literal canon. This will bebased on the premise that authors can use various media forums suchas magazines, newspapers or television broadcasts to publicize theirworks hence inviting more recognition to their works. In thissection, the research will attempt to show how often Lusophoneauthors such as Miranda help shape the history of this genre ofliterature not only in Portugal and Brazil but other parts of theworld when their works are made available in the mainstream mediaforums available today (Rogers 16). As such, this section will dealwith the main social and political issues dating back to the author’sgeneration and which are weighty enough to be put in mainstream mediafor readers to benefit.


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