The House of Seven Gables

TheHouse of Seven Gables


Themain character in this story is Hephzibah Pyncheon. Hepzibah is alady of who is about 60. She has lived in the House of the SevenGables alone for the past 30 years, from the time her brotherClifford was unjustly taken to the penitentiary. For all that time,she has had to reject offers of monetary assistance from JudgePyncheon her jovial cousin. She recognizes what he is, although thewhole society is deceived by his disguise of pleasantkindheartedness.

Hepzibahhas become strange and sad because of living alone for so long. Shehas occupied herself with concepts of being a lady, and she thinksshe`s too virtuous to make her living. She`s developed into a washedout, thin, pale person: she is equally bodily and emotionally ghostly(Dillingham 59). The author sums up her character here:

AlthoughHepzibah had her respected and active traits, she had grown to be acrazy by detaining herself for so long in one residence. She had nocompany other than a single sequence of thoughts, and but one liking,and one unpleasant sense of immorality (70).

Hepzibah`smission all through the novel is to find a residence where she canstay without fear. She stays together with her brother. However, sheaccomplishes this by the end of the book, even though she doesn`t ado it alone.

Wehave much empathy for Hepzibah. She has zealously dedicated herselfto Clifford, inspite of not bearing the sight of her face. Herendeavours appear more human than those of impeccable Phoebe.


Thecentral theme in the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne “The House ofSeven Gables” is the sin of morality. In the beginning, there is aclear connection that the author brings out in regards to the ColonelPyncheon and the Pyncheon family. In the preface, the misdeeds of theformer are vividly connected to the adversity that befalls the familyof the latter. three separate deaths occur later in the story thusbringing into light the aspect of curse on the Colonel. This aspectis captured when stated that “God will give him blood to drink.”Later, two deaths would occur and be linked to that of Colonel. Theother aspect of the central theme, morality is vivid through justicewhich is morality tied and linked up as one. One of the maincharacters, Judge Pyncheon is a judge thus signaling the quest ofjustice in the book hence upholding of morality in the larger sense.This is due to the fact that the law is often established inmorality. Further, the aspect of justice comes out when there isconflict between public judgment and real justice. This is supportedby the criticism of individuals regarding their character. A caseexample is that Hawthorne criticizes the institutions belonging tothe state in Massachusetts. He is appalled by the fact that men gainpower and is respected yet they harbor bad traits. The theme ofmorality is supported when Mr. Holgrave carries out research to findout the truth behind the apparently respected characters that aregreedy and bullies yet are supported for the fact that they donatemoney to the society.


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