The Hip-Hop culture`s Limited scope in contemporary America

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The Hip hop culture has been a controversial topic not only in theUnited States, but across the world. The culture has been associatedwith violence, gangster behavior, sexuality and nudity. The explicitvideos depicting half naked girls and expensive cars and money havebeen at the epicenter of the discussion. Whereas the young generationseems to be in love with this type of explicit videos, the middleaged and the elderly are extremely against such explicit videos. Hiphop culture started as a way of expression dissatisfaction andfrustration by the minority groups to the government. It started inthe streets and in the party venues. It has therefore been largelyassociated with violence and it is said to belong to the gutter. Thewhite people have associated the Hip hop culture with the blackcommunity and by extension the black community is associated withgangster behavior, violence and disrespect for women.

The use of girls, money and cars in the numerous Hip hop musicvideos is a way of showing off the success that the people from theminority groups have had due to their hard work. The minority groupsfrom the gutter seek to communicate to the white dominant communitythat they have achieved tremendous success. This is as a result ofthe old age notion that the black Americans are biologically inferiorand therefore are bound to fail in life. The association of the Hiphop culture with violence, gangster behavior, nudity and sexualityhas made it to have limited scope in contemporary United States.Numerous people especially the white people dissociate themselveswith Hip hop culture. It is clearly evident that most of the rap andHip hop artists are black Americans. Not unless the negative aspectsof the Hip hop culture are changed, the culture will continue to havelimited scope in contemporary America.