The Godzilla movie

TheGodzilla movie

Thedocument below analyzes the Godzilla movie, one of the monster filmsin the world. It is American based movie. Godzilla is a Japanesescience fiction monstrous film. It can be termed as a reboot ofGodzilla film franchise which tends to retell the Godzilla’sorigins in modern times as a terrifying nature’s force. It is fromToho and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka. Godzilla 1954 is a prehistoricmonster that was resurrected by nuclear tests in pacific that weredone repeatedly. The monster ravages japan and also reignites thenuclear devastation horrors in all nations that experienced thefirst-hand events (Leeset al.5). The term Godzilla is related to a gorilla god. It is an ape-likemonster who tends to destroy the edifices of men but developsaffection and love to human female.


Thefilm possesses numerous moral lessons that are beneficial to humanbeings. This makes it a society’s crucial tool. However, some ofits scenes are very scary hence unsuitable to fearful people as wellas children. The massive scale destruction the Godzilla revealsrelentlessly. The merciless crushing and smashing revealed thecardboard buildings as well as stomping the match box-size cars bythe Godzilla seems very scary. Not many people can withstand thecrushing activity being revealed in the film. Other movie’s scenesreveal people very frightened and afraid of the course of eventsspeculated to take place hence impacting that scary effect to theviewers. In the movie’s initial stages, the movie reveals a manwatching his wife dying out of a terrifying accident (Eleftheriotisand Gary23).

TheGodzilla in this version is very superior being. The initial scenemakes people recall the unfortunate dragon’s fate. The film tendsto convey a very shocking sense of the atomic weapons’consequences. The Godzilla film presents a no consolation scenariohence creating a very scaring aspect. The film’s director IshiroHonda attempted to analyze a real sense of the devastation that iswar related. It was a dramatically horrific scenario (Galbraith17).Godzilla’s physical appearance is unappealing to the viewers. Thecomparison between the Godzilla and human beings is incomparable.When watching the movie, one gets scared on figuring out thepotential of the Godzilla over men. The scenario created of hishatred to men makes the movie scary especially when men areencountering the Godzilla.

TheGodzilla 1954 is a very frightening movie. The film`s scary featureis brought about by a number of events incorporated in the moviesetup. This movie is worth the standards of the great complicatedhorror classics. Besides the fun incorporated in watching a moviejust for pleasure, the movie seems to have a very serious melancholymessage (Eleftheriotisand Gary25). The message itself is of nuclear catastrophe which the viewerhas to go along with to the end. The subject matter of the movie isappealing at all. The movie set up makes the nuclear catastrophe seemreal hence becoming very horrifying and scaring to watch.

Themovie was produced a shortly the survival of japan from the atomicbombings trauma that occurred in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The bombingsdevastated the entire nation due to its horrifying human life loss aswell as the unprecedented side effects. The worst of all morecountries were still testing their nuclear weapons on an island thatwas close to japan. The result was the emergence of Godzilla, whobecame the japan suffering’s allegory. The film keeps on referringthe nuclear disaster as having an atomic tuna or possessing illhealth effects as a result of the radiation. The film tends to followjapan after the series of disasters rocked the nation’s stability.These disasters are not only horrible but also scaring. To somepeople they considered the events as worth sympathy.

Thegovernment was forced to look for a group of investigators to findout the cause of Godzilla’s existence. The investigators managed tolocate the Godzilla and discovered that he is an ancient dinosaurthat has become contaminated by the nuclear radiation. Godzillastarts terrorizing Tokyo, the events that are very scary. Someexperts get strong emotions concerning whether they should make useof a discovery to kill the monster or not. This discovery entailedusing destroying oxygen to have the monster destroyed (Eleftheriotisand Gary35).

Inthe entire film, the monster turns to be the scariest thing. Themonster’s big bug-like eyes, the breath of life as well as themenacing roar just send some shivers down the spine automatically.What is more amazing is that one could tell that the monster was aguy in a suit while that someone will remain convinced that themonster exists. The movie turns to be scarier through its muchconcentration on the victims that on Godzilla (Galbraith24).The movie shows scenes of people being crushed while Godzilla isexecuting some destruction. Others are revealed dying in hospitalswith much pain an aspect that scares the viewer intensely.

Avery heartbreaking scene revealed in the film was when someschoolgirls were shown singing a peace hymn in the attempts to sooththe nation from the fear. The politicians and the scientists, on theother hand, are fighting over the right intervention as far as thisaspect is concerned (Eleftheriotisand Gary42). The cinematography and music tend to present a very gritty andscary situation. Finally, the ending tend be more of pessimisticwarning that more disasters or the Godzillas are on the way. Itbecomes more scaring to continue watching the movie with suchprojections. It becomes very difficult to comprehend how it would beif disaster or monsters would increase.

Godzillaas a monster has a number of aspects that express his monstrousidentity. For one, the monster is very scary and unpleasant to lookat. His appearance shows a destructive thing of unexplainable nature.The investigators found that Godzilla was an ancient dinosaur thathas been contaminated with nuclear. This is understandable scenariobearing in mind that the dinosaurs became extinct. The monstrousnature of Godzilla, however, is revealed by the activities heinvolves himself in. He is revealed in the movie terrorizing theentire Tokyo destroying and smashing property (Leeset al.35). In his process of executing these destructive activities, heends up harming many people. Others are revealed in much agony inhospitals as a result of destructive measures of Godzilla. The truemonstrous identity is revealed by the fact that the structuresGodzilla is smashing are huge structures that are beyond normal humanbeings or any animal that is existence. This reveals that Godzillahas extraordinary strength that was helping him to carry out thoseactivities freely.

Theentire context cuts across various crucial aspects of human life.They are both social as well as natural aspects and hence it can beread as a social allegory. In the world today, people are living infear of nuclear atomic weapons. Godzilla can be termed as the mostmeaningful among the world’s monster movies. Godzilla himself isexpressed as an allegory of the nuclear being (Galbraith54).Numerous wars have been experienced all as a result of these nuclearweapons. Citing evidence from the previous nuclear attacks that tookplace in japan in 1950s, it is an event worth the fear as revealed inthe film.

Thereare some aspects incorporated in the film that tends to cut acrossessential boundaries that revolve around the human life. The Godzillaitself is a creature that has no basis of classification. He fails tobe categorized as a human being or a creature that is in existence inthe world today. This, therefore, surpasses the natural boundariesand seems contrary to the rule of nature. The creature does thingslike a human being though in mixed reactions (Leeset al.53). He is revealed as partly a good creature and partly and evilcreature. This scenario is beyond the natural boundaries since thefeatures of the creature and its activities are naturallyunrealistic.

Thefilm also cuts across significant social and psychological fear thatmakes it an essential film for the community. These socialperspectives also tend to convey some powerful moral lessons to theentire society. The fact that Godzilla revealed himself in a violentand clumsy way and on the other hand in a caring and protectivenature has a great lesson to the society. The main idea conveyed bythis scenario is that some things that seem nasty brute might possessa golden heart. The society needs to understand that not everythingthat seems brutal should be condemned, but rather people should tryto view it from a different perspective.

Thefilm also tends to warn the society at large on messing with whatthey do not know. This is in particular in scientific matters such asatom splitting. This is brought about in the film as a result of thefirst nuclear bomb in history that was dropped on japan (Galbraith56).It reflects the horrors that the scientific achievements of that timebrought. The film tends to confront fears head on. Eventually, themonster died however, people are left with a lingering thought andfear that such a thing might rise again in the future. The aspectcuts across the social boundary and tries to pass a clear messagesomething that people do can create a gigantic thing that can becomehard to be controlled.

Withthe current trends in technological advancement, this movie shouldpass a message to the researchers and scientists that they should bemindful of their interventions. There is a great possibility ofinventing something that will become a monster to both the inventorand the society at large. Godzilla erupted just as a matter ofnuclear test and his existence became a nightmare to many. The entirenation was sinking in fear. He also became a great challenge to dealwith. People should, therefore, learn to do things they are aware ofand refrain from disturbing the nature (Leeset al.64).

Thefilm also creates a scenario appeasing mythical gods. In the entirecontext, the good and bad aspect or theme is critically analyzed. Thelarger moral lesson is that everything that people will involvethemselves in should be governed, influenced, guided and moderated byfear of waking destructive monsters. From a social perspective, thefilm implies that destruction and horror might be awaiting mankind inthe near future. However, it might become very difficult to determinewhen a disaster would occur. The bottom line of the entire concept isthat it might become difficult to make an intervention that wouldprevent such a disaster from taking place to the human race. Thedisaster, however, will be to the great extent of human being’smaking, created by people’s short-sightedness or ignorance. Humanbeings need to be vigilant, therefore, to avoid causing thatdisaster.

Themoral lessons possessed in the entire movie setup tend to disturbmany social boundaries in that numerous social vices are exposed. Oneof the social facts revealed and exposed is the desire for nationsand groups of people to bomb or to destroy one another. The moviehence plays a pivotal role in explaining to these nations and groupsof people that their love and eagerness to destroy one another willgive rise to some planetary issues that will be possible to be fixed.The movie thus becomes a vital teaching material since it sounds alesson to people that nature has control over us but not the viceversa (Leeset al.65).


TheGodzilla movie is an allegory by itself. It revolves around verycrucial life aspects that every individual needs to be aware of. Ithelps to enlighten people of various social injustices that areevident in the society. People are spending much time and resourcesplotting how they can destroy one another while others are veryconcentrated on technological advances. It is crucial for individualsto understand that some things they do can create a monster that willdestroy them. The movie, therefore, can be used as an essentialreading allegory since it touches on issues that have created muchfear in most members of the society in the world today.


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