The Federal Bureau of Investigation

TheFederal Bureau of Investigation

TheFederal Bureau of Investigation

TheFBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is a United States governmentagency and a component of the U.S Department of Justice which servesas a government criminal investigative body and an internalintelligence organization. It was established in 1908, and was knownas the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) before being changed to FBI in1935 (FBI, n.d). The FBI is based at Edgar Hoover Building inWashington DC. It has 56 field offices situated in all major citiesin the US and over 50 inter-boarder offices referred to as legalattaches in U.S embassies and consulates general globally. In lessercities and other areas around the U.S, the FBI has over 400 residentagencies. This is in an effort to execute its mandate of intelligentdriven law enforcement and national security (FBI, n.d).

Theagency is credited for being the best in antiterrorism andcounterintelligence entity in the country. The FBI describes itselfas an intelligence-driven public security and law enforcementorganization, offering leadership and making a change for over acentury. Its motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity” (FBI,n.d).

Themission of the FBI is to ensure that every U.S citizen, child,businesses, and communities are free from the most hazardous threatsthat face America as a country including global and local terrorismto spies in U.S soils or in cyber crime, corrupt public officers,violent street gangs, serial killers and child molesters among otherthreats that face the population each day. The agency has aninvestigative authority over violations of over 200 national crimes.The crimes are classified into two major categories the nationalsecurity priorities and criminal priorities. Under the nationalSecurity Priorities is terrorism, counterintelligence and cybercrime. On the other hand, criminal priorities entail five categoriesincluding public corruption, organized crime, civil rights, whitecollar crime and violent crime and major thefts (Walsh,2014).

TheFBI is structured into five operation branches and the Director’soffice which has majority of administrative offices. Each branch isheaded by an executive assistant director. Braches of the FBI arefurther divided into offices and divisions that are led by anassistant director. Currently, the FBI is headed by Director James B.Comey who took office in September 4, 2013.

TheFBI has a legal power to detect, investigate and prosecute crimesperpetrated against the United States and its people (FBI, n.d). TheU.S Attorney General is mandated by Title 28 of the US Code Section533 to appoint FBI officials. To fight organized crime, the FBI has atool called RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization). Theagency is also responsible for enforcement of compliance of Civilrights Act 1964, investigation into its violation and prosecutingviolators with the U.S Department of Justice. Together with the DrugEnforcement Administration, the FBI helps in enforcing the ControlledSubstance Act of 1970. Generally, the FBI works hand in hand withseveral other government agencies in the protection of the interestof the public and the United States as a country.

TheFBI has over the years done a great job. Since the times of itsdirector Edgar Hoover, after which the FBI headquarters is namedafter, the agency has been able to protect the United States from allsorts of crime at a significant level. The U.S has been a target forterrorism and without the work of the FBI it would have beendevastated by terror attacks. In addition, being a land ofopportunities, many people want to come to the U.S which increasesits vulnerability (Bradsher,2014).With the help of the FBI, most crimes including human traffickinghave been minimized. The flourishing of organized crime in the worldhave also been a great threat to the welfare of the United States andthrough intensive FBI investigations, the U.S citizens have remainedsafe than any other nations.

Isupport the activities of the agency. The US is the place it is todaybecause of a great history as well as enhanced safety and securitywhich has been made possible by the work of the FBI. Without theagency, the country would be vulnerable to all sorts of crime giventhat, it is the most advanced country in the world in terms ofdevelopment, human resource, and information technology and is theenvy of many. In addition, the agency has its own investigativelaboratories that have enabled it deal with crimes in a professionalmanner. In a country where gun possession is legal, there are manycrimes that are committed but through the intelligence of the agency,most crimes are deterred and solved (Walsh,2014).We feel safe today as a people and as a country we have power overother nations due to the extent of intelligence that the FBI collectsacross all corners of the world. The current terror threat of theISIS for example is a global issue that the U.S has dedicated itselfin dealing with, thanks to the works of the FBI and other lawenforcement agencies.


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