The Bloody Hinge of American History-Article Review

The Bloody Hinge of AmericanHistory-Article Review

The Bloody Hinge of AmericanHistory-Article Review

No other subject in Americanhistory has ever been given so much attention and writing thousandsof books and countless articles as the Civil War. Robert Higgs pointsout different issues of the civil war.

Historians that weresympathetic to the confederate cause ended up gaining a substantialhearing in the first half of the twentieth century. The southernerswho were perceived as the bad guys were trying to preserve slaverythrough seceding from the United States while the northerners whowere viewed as good guys tried to free the slaves (Higgs,1997).

Against Slavery, ForSecession

The following questions had tobe posted to get the best understanding why did the southerners wantto secede? And why did the northerners allow them to secede? Thefugitive slave issue, Hummel characterizes it as slavery’s Achillesheel this was very important especially to the southerners andplayed a vital role through compromise that gave rise to the U.S.Constitution of 1787 (Higgs,1997).

War Brought Big Government

It is said that the most partof the North borrowed funds and bought resources while the most partof the South printed paper money to buy resources. This led to thepaper dollar losing its value in the North. The Union government atthe time had to create a national banking system to help inpurchasing the bonds (Higgs,1997).

There are threeimportant facts the author uses to support the main ideas. First,what happens todayis as a result of what happened during the civil war. Before the war,millions of people were being treated as slaves and slavery was seenas being legal. Slavery afterwards was only used as a punishment fora crime.Additionally, thecountry was a federation of sovereign constituent states before thewar. It then became de facto which is a unitary state being led by adominant central government.Lastly,theindividual freedom before the war tended to expand but after the warit started shrinking.

Generally, I will say thearticle is interesting. It gives different views of people and howthey perceived slavery. It has also helped in shading light ondifferent laws that came in place during this time of slavery.


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