The Biggest Challenge for USA in the Future

TheBiggest Challenge for USA in the Future

TheBiggest Challenge for USA in the Future

Forthe past years, United States of America has been facing manychallenges ranging from financial and economic issues, crime, housingcrisis, education, governance, and air pollution (Chafuen, 2014).Although there have been continuous cleaning of the air for the lastfour decades, air pollution is still a major challenge for the USA inthe future. Ever since, air pollution continues to harm theenvironment, plants, as well as human and animal health. There aretwo types of air pollution: outdoor air pollution and indoor airpollution. Some of the outdoor air pollution challenges includeprotecting the stratospheric ozone layer against degradation,limiting climate change, meeting health-based standards for airpollutants, and reducing risks from toxic air pollutants.Nevertheless, EPA is working hard under the Clean Air Act tocooperate with tribunal, local and state government, otherstakeholders, and federal agencies to reduce pollution and itsconsequences (United States Environmental Protection Agency, n.d).However, air pollution continues to bring harm as long as industriesare functional even though it is not visible.

Accordingto the recent study, air pollution is a threat to the public healtheven at minimal levels. As a result, it causes other major challengesin the country. According to scientific research, short and long-termexposure of particle pollution can cause harmful effects tocardiovascular system or even premature death. In addition,scientific evidence links pollution to heart attack, strokes, asthmaattacks, and harmful respiratory effects. Green (2012), urges thatair pollution increases the ozone frequency to cause aggravate lungdiseases, shortness of breath, or the damage the lungs.Correspondingly, this leads to increased emergency visits to healthcentres, hospitalization, or premature death. Therefore, airpollution is a major challenge for USA today and in the future.


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