The background

  1. The background

  • The Modern Prometheus, is a novel, which was written by Mary Shelley-an English author.

  • The novel is about victor Frankenstein who ventures into the creation of grotesque creature through an unorthodox scientific experiment.

  1. Captain Robert Walton’s narration

  2. Mary Shelly chose to write this novel in an epistolary form.

  3. Victor Frankenstein life experiences

  • Victor starts by recounting about his childhood where he was born by a wealthy Geneva family.

  • He falls in love with outdated theories, which explains the natural wonders. At the age of four years, his parents

  1. Victor Frankenstein’s attributes and reasons for the demises

  • Based on the above story, it is clear that Victor had a great gift in scientific experiment.

  • It is also evident that the demise of his close relatives