Ted Williams as an American Hero


TedWilliams as an American Hero

TedWilliams as an American Hero

Theheroic nature of a personality is manifested in deeds. To confirm hisability, Ted Williams showed a stunning capability in all ventures inwhich he engaged. If an individual excels once in a venture, theremay be doubts whether the event occurred by chance but repetition ofsuch excellence eliminates the aspect of coincidence. As a matter offact, more achievements would render an individual being an achieverdue to the proficiency displayed. The desire to have an overview ofthe personality, there is a realization that Ted was born and broughtup in San Diego, where he got engaged in playing baseball in hisentire youth. It is believed that Ted Williams had fluctuatingemotions during his childhood. This habit which, he took up to hisadult age was paramount when Ted was still living with his parents atthe Salvation Army. Due to her dedication on her job Ted’s mothertook little attention to the boy, in most of the occasions Ted feltneglected and had no parental love and care1.The kind of treatment Ted got from his parents at the early stage oflife made him to be resentful.

Gettingtogether with the Red Sox in 1939, Ted instantaneously arose as oneof the best hitters in the sport. Williams played well registeringgood performance throughout until he paused his sporting career tojoin the US Navy together with Marine Corps in 1943 for three years.In 1946, Ted resumed playing and won major titles before resumingserious military involvements after the following season. Williamsthen served as an aviator in the Korean War in 1952 to 1958 beforeopting to resume his baseball career. Ted William had experiences inlife that begun from his birth in 1918 until his demise in 2002.

Inthis piece, there will be an evaluation of Ted Williams’ life todetermine his achievements and make a concise conclusion at the endas a hero. Indeed Ted Williams was an achiever throughout his lifebeginning from his prowess in the field until his impacts in themilitary. Ted William is unique in his deeds since he is the onlybaseball player who not only shown his competence in the field butalso in the military. Ted Williams was a true American hero of histime, because of his time serving in the military2.Therefore, there will be a critical analysis of events in TedWilliams life based on his personality, talent and the will serve hiscountry besides making a rational judgment depending on the findings.

Beginningof Baseball Career in 1937

TedWilliams joined the Red Sox team from the Pacific Coast League wherethe played for three seasons and later reported to Boston two yearslater3.In the team, every member could feel his impact as his indisputablecontribution in the team was evident to all. Whenever the Red Soxcould go to play, most fans were impressed by the greatness ofcommand Ted possessed in the game. As a matter of fact, some of thestunning matches he played in his career in the youngest stageincluded Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers where they won 2 – 0.


Williamsjoined spring training after driving from California to Floridabefore experiencing respiratory complications that affected hiscareer. During the winter, the Red Sox team sacrificed two players toprovide a chance for Williams succeeding Chapman`s number nine on hisuniform contrary to Williams` number five jersey in the precedingspring exercise, albeit Chapman had attained .340 in the pastbaseball season that led Gerry Moore to joke, &quotafter JoeDiMaggio expressed desire for Williams capability in batting. Toconfirm this, Williams attained his main league first performancewhile playing against the New York Yankees in April where he went1-for-4 opposing Red Ruffing who is Yankee’s pitcher4.This achievement was the sole game that featured both the mightyplayers, Williams and Lou Gehrig facing each other asopponents.In the first series at Fenway Park, Ted hit a twin, a home run, and atripartite. The first two opposing Cotton Pippen, who offered Ted thefirst strikeout as a professional player whilst Ted had been in SanDiego. By the seventh month of that year, Ted was striking just .280,yet topping the tournament in RBIs. During this period, JohnnyOrlando, was Ted’s friend, who then offered him a fast pep talk,stating that he should target.335 with thirty-five home runs togetherwith driving 150 runs. Ted outlined that he would buy Orlando aCadillac in case he achieved all that was outlined before him. In theend, Ted hit .327 with thirty-one home runs together with 145 RBIs,rendering him the leader of the league in the RBIs category. Numberone rookie to lead the tournament in runs struck in and becomingnumber four in the MVP voting. Ted also commanded the AL in walks,managing 107 which became the record eventually. Although there wasnot the best Rookie award but in 1939, Babe Ruth avowed Ted to be theRookie of that Year whereby Williams later expressed hissatisfaction.

Involvementin Navy and the United States Marine Corps

Involvementin Navy and the United States Marine Corps Ted was conscripted intothe military at the beginning of 1942, and assigned into Class 1-A.Ted’s friend proposed that Ted see the consultant of the Governor`sSelective Service Appeal Agent, because Ted was the only sustenanceof his mother, reasoning out that Ted should not supposed to bedesignated in the outlined class, and highlighted that Ted should becategorized to Class 3-A. The lawyer took the case to the AppealsBoard and the board disallowed the case. Annoyed, the lawyer advancedthe case to the Presidential Board for reconsideration. Williams wasconsidered and registered to 3-A after ten days after the day ofassertion and petition. Thereafter, the public response was negativeimmensely. The response led to further complications that reached theclimax when the company sponsoring Ted Williams, Quaker Oats withdrewtheir sponsorship. Notwithstanding the problem with the board ofdraft, Ted had a new package of thirty thousand dollars in the year1942. In the period, Ted Williams obtained the Triple Crown, afterachieving a batting average of .356, thirty-six home runs, as well as137 RBIs. On the 21st of May, Ted again reached 100th home run in hiscareer. Ted William was the 3rd Red Sox player to hit the statednumber of home runs with the team, according to Ted’s teammatesJimmie Foxx together with Joe Cronin. Regardless of winning theTriple Crown, Ted became the second in the voting of MVP to JoeGordon of the Yankees team. Ted felt that he never got the requiredconsideration and that he would have been considered more andobtained better results since he won the Triple Crown, and thatgetting the trouble with the draft might have led to his failure toachieve the targeted glory. In May 1942, Ted Williams joined the NavyReserve, trained and began executing active duty in 1943, beforebeing appointed a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps in the UnitedStates as a Naval Aviator in 1944, May. Ted again played on thebaseball team in Chapel Hill team in North Carolina in unison withhis Red Sox friend and teammate Johnny Pesky in pre-flight exercise,after two months in Amherst in Massachusetts, and the Civilian PilotEducation Course. When still on the baseball team, Ted was then sentback to Fenway Park in the mid of the year 1943 aid when eventuallymeeting Ted5.Babe Ruth approached Ted Williams and told him that he was the bestin the game and that he reminded Babe Ruth of his days of “hitting”and that he was supposed to set a record because he was capable ofdoing better than that. After the top, Ted Williams hit a 425-foothome run that assisted them in winning by beating the American LeagueAll-Stars a 9-8.


Williamswas among the inactive reserves to assist in an active duty in theKorean War at the beginning of 1952. Ted Williams was infuriated uponhis call for duty because he had a physical arranged for the secondof April. Ted Williams became the Captain in the Marine Corps afterpassing his physical after excelling in his physical. Moreover, a dayto commemorate Ted Williams prowess was organized in Fenway Parkbefore Ted could live Korea. Friends and the Red Sox team offered TedWilliams different present where the former gave him a Cadillacwhilst the latter presented him a pamphlet signed by over fourhundred thousand fans. The Massachusetts Governor together with theBoston Mayor were present, along with a veteran of the Korean War ina wheelchair. Everybody in the park held their hands together andsang praise songs to Ted Williams at the end of the event. Williamlater aided the Red Sox to win the game 5 – 3 after Ted managed twotwo-run home run. Ted William took ten days practicing with his RedSox teammates before his first date in which he received a largeapplause from the crowd and obtaining a home run in the 8th inning.The end of this season marked an outstanding performance where Tedhad .407, 13, 37 and 110 being the results of hits, home runs, RBIsand bats respectively. When Ted Williams had the opportunity to leadthe Red Sox team, he refused the offer and suggested Pinky for theposition. Pinky was later hired by the team as its manager in 1955.


Williamsserved in two major wars. He served as the war aviator during theWorld War II, he also participated in the Korean War. Contrary towhat was routine by many other league players, Williams spent less ofhis time on the sport. In their classification, the selective serviceclassified Williams as 3-A. This was done previously the war. Beinghis mother’s bread winner. Following American entry to the WorldWar II his classification was changed to 1-A this forced William toseek an appeal from the local draft board which ruled on his favor.William went ahead to make a statement to the public that he had theintention of building a trust fund for his mother which he wouldlater enlist. Critics from the media fraternity whose agenda were toremove the endorsement of the contract by Quaker Oats which impactedon his enlistment in the US Navy reserve in the late May of the year19426. However, such malicious endeavors could not succeed.



Accordingto the provisions herein, Ted Williams had indisputable achievementsin the two fields in which he engaged equally. Mixing forces andmilitary with sports is challenging since they are two distinctfields with different rules governing them. One is a force whereindividuals heed to the commands and execute the commands whilst theother is a sport but is also governed by a set of rules. Bothventures included adept training to attain fitness and skills foreffectiveness. Ted Williams had a common feature of willing to servehis nation irrespective of the method. In the field, he couldentertain and stun the fans by impressive performance whilst in themilitary, he participated actively to defend his country. Therefore,Ted Williams was a hero of his time.


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