TD Bank Analysis TD Bank

TDBank Analysis



TDis an abbreviation for Toronto-Dominion. TD bank is one of the topten leading financial institutions in the United States. This bank isas well America’s main opportune financial institution, since it ismost preferred by many Americans. This bank provides its clientelewith the various financial goods as well as services. The objectiveof this paper is to evaluate as well as analyze this bank’sefficiency-enhancing practices, quality-enhancing practices,positioning strategy as well as ways that the bank uses to increaseresponsiveness to its clientele. The research will as well evaluatethe competitive position of TD bank with regard to all the abovelisted practices.

TDBank is pursuing some efficiency enhancing practices. Some of theefficiency enhancing practices that TD Bank is pursuing is supplychain management as well as self-managing teams. The just-in-timeenhancing practice is changed to just-in-case practice. TD Bank ispursuing just-in-case inventory management since 9/11 so as toaccumulate inventory on the two sides of the border just in caseborder calamities emerges [ CITATION NAF14 l 1033 ].

In2011, TD bank used nearly 5 billion dollars on products, as well asservices from its sellers in North America. The bank uses a policywhich evaluates the performance of suppliers based on environment andthe goods that the bank buys from these suppliers [ CITATION NAF14 l 1033 ].Supplierassortment and insertion are a fundamental part of the manner inwhich TD bank manages its business. Supplier assortment plan wasbasically inaugurated so as the bank can cogitate on its commitment.This is all under supply chain practices. TD Bank uses responsibleprocurement for efficiency enhancing practice as well.

Thebank has put a lot of stress on unswerving quality. For this case,the management has hugely implemented the use of technology,excellent customer service as well as the Bank’s Credit Cards. Moreso, TD bank has not forgotten about stiff completion that they mightface from their rivals. When it comes to technology, initially, TDbank had some hick-ups with its clientele due to computer malfunctionconcerning information technology system. This anomaly restricted thebank’s clientele from getting streamlined information concerningtheir accounts. This glitch was ultimately solved and the bank nowhas an excellent as well as much faster system that enables themanagement to review various accounts such as checking and savingsaccounts and TD Visa accounts.

Thebank’s consumer relationship has gone higher than before due thevarious incentives that the bank uses to attract its customers. Someof these incentives are on the bank’s credit cards. Whenever theirclients use TD bank credit cards for every single dollar, they earntwo miles. These miles don’t run out so customers redeem them totravel as well as get other products. This makes the bank to be at abetter position in terms of competition as well as retaining itsclientele. On the same note of satisfying its customer, TD Bank hasensured that the customer’s private info remains as confidential aspossible. The bank has safety measures that it uses to safeguard thecustomers’ integrity and info. There is free checking accountoffered to students as well as accumulation of interest daily. Thishas enabled the company to be on top of its game [CITATION Kra10 l 1033 ].

Inorder to achieve a high level of quality and process performance, aviewpoint of total quality management has to be applied. TD Bank canemphasize on customer gratification, employee participation as wellas nonstop enhancement in performance [CITATION Kra10 l 1033 ].This will enable the bank to stay at the top and beat all itscompetitors.


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