Talk Card Analysis- Obama`s Inaugural Speech

TalkCard Analysis- Obama’s Inaugural Speech

TalkCard Analysis- Obama’s Inaugural Speech

On20thJanuary, 2009, President Barack Obama having been elected to serveAmericans made a 44 minute speech in the US capital, Washington D.C.,the “First Inaugural Speech” (Obama, 2009). The significance andthe relevance of the speech comes out mainly due to use of correcttalk cards by Obama. President Obama in his speech used multiple talkcards. First and most significant card he uses is the motivator card.Through this card, he ensures that those gathered around to listen tohim understand how important they are and the much change they canmake. He thanks them for they support as well as their sappingconfidence in America and reminds them that they can do a lot. Thesecond card he used is the historian card of reference where he madereference to 44 Americans who had taken oath as well as the ancestors(Obama, 2009). The other cards used include, a believer, and a normalcitizen with duties bestowed upon to serve (leader card). The use ofdifferent cards ensures that there is more reverberation from theaudience and that they are fully incorporated in the speech. I tendto think that President Obama could have played a card of agendaspecific leadership, being candid with the agenda of hisadministration rather than his political ambitions. I think this wasa smart move given that the speech showed some sense of unity of thepeople, praise to traditional values, acknowledgement of the peopleand their struggles and taking note of the opportunities in the greatland, America. Changing of talk card results in a change of themessage to be delivered given that different individuals tend to makepeople have the feeling like what President Obama had in cheering andassuring the citizens of their collective capability. I think thestyle of President Obama’s speech is power owing to the inspiringnature and him showing that America and his leadership has power tochange the country (Obama, 2009).

Themain goal of President Obama is to assure the citizens of servicefrom administration and his capability to lead and work together withthe Americans. They needed a change in regime that wouldspecifically address the issues of the time. The audience that cameto hear the speech had the same goals as President Obama. They wantissues of economy, unemployment, and lack of confidence in politicalsystem addressed. President Obama’s talk card effectivelysupplemented the goal he wanted to accomplish. At the commencement ofhis speech, President Obama said, “On this day, we come to proclaiman end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminationsand worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics(Obama, 2009).&quot His goal was to bring a new era in leadershipand service to the people.

Thereciprocal talk card was that the people had the responsibility andcould achieve great things as a unit. He reiterated that “Americais bigger than the sum of individual ambitions or wealth” and tothis effect, it was the journey they were to continue with. PresidentObama invoked a feeling of unity of purpose (Obama, 2009). Obama saysthat, “We the People” and “My fellow citizens” and this givesthe people a feeling that Obama is one of them and no at the pedestal(Obama, 2009). President Obama ultimately motivated his audience andthis was dictated by his rich word choice which appears to be prosaicand poetical stitched together. His confidence in addressing theirconcerns is a sure motivator to the people.


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