Suspension Appeal


To Whom It May Concern

I would like to appeal my academic suspension and request forreadmission in this coming semester. I am currently on academicsuspension because of my poor academic performance. I have performedbelow the average expectation of a 2.0 semester grade point, in theprevious two semesters.

I acknowledge I had a hard time in the previous semesters, whichaffected my grades. I do not intend to make excuses following my poorperformance, but want to clarify the circumstances. During bothsemesters, I registered for more credit hours knowing that I would berequired to put extra effort in my studies. I was optimistic I wouldmanage the workload, and still contemplate I would have, except theunits were more detailed than previous semesters. This means that Ihad to concentrate further, do more research and spare more time thananticipated. Consequently, I was capable of performing well in someunits than others, which affected my overall grade. In addition, werethe many group works that I had to attend and commit time, which Iwould have used to do further study on my own. Personal problems likehaving to balance between family issues and schoolwork have also hada negative effect on my studies.

I love my university of choice and have a great desire of graduatingwith a degree from the institution. If reinstated, I promise toimprove my studies through more concentration on schoolwork. I willregister for units I am able to manage, which means I will haveenough time for studying. I have also met my advisor and plan tofollow their advice strictly. Please understand the below averageperformance does not imply I am a bad student.

Thank you for considering this appeal.