Summary of Current Event

of Current Event

Thereport is about Cyber Monday. The current event indicates that CyberMonday sales are usually more, which is an implication that highprofits can be realized on Cyber Monday. On Cyber Mondays, customersusually visit the internet in order to find out, which retailers areoffering discounts on their commodities. It is possible to link thecriterion of Cyber Monday with the notion of profits since duringCyber Mondays the sales are usually high, which is likely totranslate to high profits (Brown 28). Retailers can be in a positionto maximize their profits by making every day a Cyber Monday. Thereis a tendency of customers to expect that various good deals can onlybe expected on Cyber Mondays. However, it is possible for retailersto maximize their profits by letting customers think beyond theMonday. For instance, it is very possible to make customers getbeyond Monday through launching discounts that are web-based earlyenough (Brown 42).

Throughlaunching these discounts early, it is possible for customers to havea perception that the retailer has discounts for a limited period,which may prompt customers to purchase the discounted products. Thiscan be done throughout the season in order to maximize sales. As thedaily sales are maximized through offering discounts that areweb-based, profits will also be maximized. Since shoppers desire totake advantage of the discounts that retailers are offering, theywould not resist purchasing if retailers indicate that they havediscounts early during the season. Besides, retailers are likely tomaximize profits by making every day a cyber Monday becauseindividuals that do not have time to do their shopping on Mondays maydo it any day after noticing that a certain retailer is offering thediscount (Brown 67).


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