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GoldsReling, Inc. Marketing Plan

TheCompany can use the following two strategies to market their productof tablets computer. The first strategy according to the product/market mix is product development strategy. This is where the companythrough its marketers will be trying to introduce new products totheir current customers who have been buying their existing products.It is believed to be a good way to make the customers happier, moredelighted and increase their loyalty. The other strategy that thecompany can also use according to the same model is diversificationstrategy where the company will be introducing the new product to thenew market or new customers.

Thisis perceived to be the riskiest and the most difficult strategy dueto the amount of work needed to acquire new customers. It will beused with an aim to expand the market share by increasing the numberof new customers who buy the new product. Of the two strategies, Iwould select the diversification strategy as the most effective forGolds Reling Company since this is will help it achieve its goals ofexpanding the market by for examplereaching a target segment of one million potential consumers withinthe first six months of launch. Thesuccess of the social networking site can be measures through the useof a variety of analytical tools that will determine the activitiesof the users on the website in real-time.

Oneof the tools include the use of Google Analytics that will help intracking the user activity on the website, their demographics, thenumber of daily visits, how long they stay and which content of thewebsite are most and least popular (Sterne,53).Also the use of Klout Score can be used to measure the success bytelling the number of people the website influence, how much thewebsite influence them and the general influence of the networkacross the social media platform (Sterne,54).Through this, the company can determine the score on the socialnetworking usability.


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