Itis a sweet-scary moment to be at symphony as imaginations of being atthe sea watching the global warming-causing ice caps unfold. Firstly, the issue of global warming has been significantlyattributed to the emission of carbons by humans in the day to daychores. In the activities which are essential- like cooking andheating-, the global warming effects are evident and this puts thefuture in a rather bleak position. While listening to John LutherAdams, BecomeOcean,the feeling experienced is both negative and positive. First, thepositive feeling comes from the well-arranged sound in the orchestrawhich is more of a sea moving from one side to another. On the otherhand, the fact that ice caps are causing global warming interfereswith the sweet feeling of the chords by Adams at the Seattlesymphony.

Thetempo in Adams’ piece keep raising and falling, and this givesmixed feelings. As at this moment, the causes and the effects ofglobal warming have been studied and these sounds and imaginationsevoke the feelings of an overpopulated world without enough food andcomfort. Lately, it has been proved that the polar ice is melting andthis is related to global warming. The ice cap has in the recentyears been shrinking and it is estimated that in the next few decadesit would be no more. The thought of having a world whereoverpopulation thrives and food-shortage is on the rise, leaves themind rising and falling with a similar rate as that of Adams’chords.

Itis for this reason that Adams sought to create BecomeOcean ina bid to caution that unless environment is preserved, the humanswould end up where their lives started- in the ocean. Elsewhere,Adams is quoted to have stated that humans’ existence originatedfrom the sea and that as the ice melts so could the humans findthemselves becoming the sea. Adams is a renowned environmentalist andthis explains why he chose these words and observations.