Student Perceptions of E-portfolio as a Self-Assessment of Learning

Student Perceptions ofE-portfolio as a Self-Assessment of Learning and Marketing Tool forEmployment

Part A. Demographic information -Please place an X mark next tothe option that best applies to you.

1.Gender: __Male ___X___ Female

2. My program of study at PMU is: __ Engineering __Business ___CCESLaw

3. I am a: __Freshman ___X___Sophomore __JuniorSenior

Part B.Questions – Instructions: Read the following questions and write specificexamples and details for each about what you learned from theePortfolio assignment.

1. How would you describe your experience with the ePortfolio as a self-assessment and reflective digital tool of learning? (You evaluate your own academic work and growth over time.)

The e-portfolio is among the most significant tools that have given me an opportunity to digitize the collection of

my artifacts, which include the academic as well as non-academic accomplishments and other resources. By.

reviewing these collections, I have been able to reflect on my past and assess my successes and failures, which

has been an opportunity to prepare for the future.

2. How do you see yourself as an innovative and creative student in using ePortfolio? (Explain , describe how you are creative)

There are two factors that indicate my ability to use e-portfolio in an innovative and creative way. First, I

have been able to use the portfolio in a diverse way to ensure that I get the best out of the modern

technology. For example, I use a expandable e-portfolio to prepare for career, program my studies, and support

my credential documents. Secondly, I have been able to include several forms of multimedia (including slide

shares, videos, scanned images, and podcasts) in my e-portfolio with the help of MySQL database.

3. How would you explain the significance or importance of your ePortfolio as a marketing tool for your future employment? (The eportfolio can be saved on a cd and you can give it to a potential employer along with your resume to demonstrate your skills).

I see e-portfolio as a significant personal marketing tool that will help me increase my competitiveness in the job

Market after graduating from college. To achieve this goals, I have been developing an interactive resume

through e-portfolio. This has been done by selecting some of my best works that I have accomplished at college

with the objective of ensuring that the potential employers will see what I can contribute in their organizations. In

Addition, e-portfolio has given me an opportunity to showcase my design as ell as art work, display co-curricular

as well as internship activities, and research-related works.

4. How would you evaluate your experience with the ePortfolio as evidence of your acquisition (learning of a skill) of the global competencies? (Communication, Technological competence, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Professional competence, Teamwork, and Leadership). (Reflection of experience with eportfolio and competencies)

The use of e-portfolio has allowed me increase my fundamental competencies, ICT, and self- regulation learning

(SRL) skills. All these skills are necessary for students who expect to work in the contemporary business environment

that is characterized by stiff competition and rapid technological advancement. In addition, e- portfolio provided me

with a chance to learn how to market myself using the modern means of communication (such as videos and

podcasts) and enhance my professional competence through regular assessment of the accomplishments and

addressing the past weaknesses. The interactive nature of e-portfolio has enhanced my teamwork skills.

5. In your opinion what makes a good ePortfolio?

In my opinion, a good e-portfolio should have at least four features. First, the e-portfolio should contain personal the e-

information (including the contact, name, and major among other details) for easy identification of its owner. Secondly,

portfolio should articulate the goals of the learner to ensure that is have been prepared for a given purpose. Third, the

e-portfolio should contain a self-reflection piece to help the learner gain from a rich experience. Fourth, a good e-

portfolio should include all important artifacts, including the learning outcomes.

6. What value does an ePortfolio add to: you, your institution (PMU), and your future employer? (Value or benefits)

E-portfolio has allows me to reflect on the past experiences, thus giving me an opportunity to address the weaknesses

and use the strengths to market myself in the job market. In addition, the key features of and activities required to

maintain the e-portfolio have enhanced my digital skills. E-portfolio is also an important tool for the university

because it allows the educators to monitor knowledge acquisition among the learners. The future employer will be

able to use e-portfolio to match me to the job position. By reviewing my e-portfolio, the employer will identify my

weaknesses as well as my strengths, which will make it easy for them to determine my professional development.