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TheAmerican History

JaneAddams was a philosopher, and a settlement social worker whoadvocated for world peace, and the equality of men and women. Janeled the social reforms in the 1900s that led to the improvements ofsocial welfare and social work. The settlement houses were a basisfor progressive reforms in the social arena. Jane Addams foundedChicago’s Hull House in 1889, a settlement house. In the paper,‘The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements,’ Addamsexplained the reason she advocated for social reforms. Jane believedthat the settlement houses would distribute the blessings in lifeamong all. Through this system, Jane advocated for a system where therich uplifted the lives of the poor.

RoyalMelendy was born in 1904, and died in 1983 at the age of 79 years.Melendy was a sociologist who did a study on the saloons in a workingclass neighborhood in Chicago. According to Melendy, the saloons wereimportant in that they met the needs of the working class. At thetime, the progressive reformers thought that the saloons seducedcustomers into lives of debauchery, crime and drunkenness. The studyby Melendy showed the realities in life that according to him,progressive social reformers failed to take into account.

Bothof these systems were in Chicago, but there were differences in thetwo concepts. The progressive reformers like Jane Adams believed thatthe saloons were the places where all the evils in the society werecommitted. Royal Melendy on the other hand, thought that thisthinking was a disconnect with reality. He believed that the saloonsprovided a place where the working class men could relax after workaway from the worries of poverty issues at home. The progressivereformers, according to Melendy, ignored the role that the saloonsplayed in the lives of the middle class.

Boththe settlement houses and the saloons had one thing in common: thatthey focused on the poor in the society, and immigrants. They wereboth concerned with the integration of the rich and the poor in thesociety.


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