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Analysisof &quotOfMr. Booker T. Washington and Others,&quot

Thisessay “of Mr. Booker T. Washington and others” by William Du Boisis a critique of “the old attitude of adjustment and submission”that had been presented by booker T. Washington in the “AtlantaCompromise Address.”Du Bois starts by acknowledging that Washington presents “Negro”thoughts at such a time that they looked unique. He explains that atthis time there was the challenge of whether the negro should survivethrough submission to the more advanced races or whether the negroshould stand up and fight for his self-respect. Thus, Du Bois accusesWashington of failing to stand up to the demands of negroes as menand American citizens.

Dubois goes further to state that Washington advocates for negroes togive up political power, civil rights, and higher education in placeof accumulation of wealth, industrial education, and appeasement ofthe south. He goes further to state that although this was not thedirect intent of Washington’s teachings, this propaganda has beenspread and the results have been the creation of a legal inferiorstatus of the negro, disfranchisement of the negro, and withdrawal ofaid from higher institutions of training negroes. In his ownsubmission du bois claims it is impossible to achieve what Washingtonwants under the current situation.

Dubois goes further to claim that the problem that is posed byWashington’s arguments will lead to continued racial prejudice.Thus he concludes by saying two schools of thought dispute hisarguments because the results will only be the destruction ofchildren of both races. Du Bois uses a convincing style in his essaybecause he offers examples of possible outcomes. In addition heargues in a logical manner because we can see that what he wasadvocating for is what has actually helped the negroes.


DuBois, W.E.B. &quotOf Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others,&quot inTheSouls of Black Folk.1903. Print.