Strategies of Employment

Strategiesof Employment

TheHuman Resource Manager,


Time&amp Life Building,

1271Avenue of the Americas,

NewYork, NY 10020,


DearSir / Madam,

Iam writing this cover letter to inquire about the possible jobopenings at Times Incorporation for the post of CorporateCommunications Officer. I am interested in the administrativeposition offering opportunities for advanced research, advisory,press relations, and publication assignment. I believe that TimesIncorporation is the only Company that will give this opportunity. Iam confident that my personal ability is what Times Incorporationneeds to enhance its communication docket for the corporatechallenges anticipated in the twenty-first century.

Iwould describe myself as a result-driven and a positive individualwith an impressive record of communication skills. I am a recentgraduate with a Bachelors Degree in Communication. Although manyemployers are still looking for the previous work experience, beingequipped with the knowledge of the current topics in a recognizeduniversity is an added advantage. The university education equippedme with the working skills required in the modern workplaces. It alsoallowed me to learn and forecast the future trends of technology andits possible impact on the work environment. With this type ofknowledge, I am prepared for a challenging job opportunity ofcorporate communications officer. Right now I feel that I would beable to make superb contributions to your existing workforce giventhat I am endowed with a focus, strategic mindset, and enthusiasm.

Inmy opinion, effective communication is the lifeblood of anyorganization, and it is critical in keeping clients happy, informed,and maintaining the competence of the organization. My graduateeducation has given me an opportunity to learn differentcommunication skills as well as the interpersonal skills. This willhelp me facilitate effective communication within the TimesIncorporation as an organization and between the organization andother stakeholders, including the customers. Moreover, my activemembership in the Information Technology club while in college gaveme an opportunity to learn more communication and human interactionskills. The combination of these skills will help me go an extra mileto comprehend what is needed in the market segment targeted by theTimes Incorporation.

Someof my core strengths include

  • Always being keen, sensitive to details, and helpful

  • Developing superb diplomacy, judgment, and tact when dealing with people

  • Being able to identify opportunities within my environment

  • Being a patient and informative person

Myability to work as a solid team player will help me meet the tightdeadlines and take plenty of initiatives to address unexpectedchallenges. In addition, my “can do” attitude coupled with aconsultative approach will help me represent the Times Incorporationa diligent and professional manner when negotiating, meeting, andcorresponding with different stakeholders. Moreover, the tenacity,reliability, and hard work are some of the key values I have managedto demonstrate when handling academic-related tasks during my collegelife. I purpose to use the same skills when approach the work-relatedtasks in order to generate viable solutions to various challenges.

Currently,I am looking for an opportunity to increase my professional horizonsby seeking new challenges in the field of communication. I would begrateful if given a chance for an interview to explain more about mycompetencies and company priorities. I hope that you will beconvinced of my competencies and potential after reviewing theattached resume. In conclusion, I would like to thank you for takingtime to review my application, and I look forward towards hearingfrom you.