Steve Jobs



In24thFebruary, 1955, was born in San Francisco. His biologicalparents put him on adoption and became adopted by Clara and PaulJobs. became brought up in a neighborhood comprising ofengineers that worked on electronics. This shaped Jobs’ interestsin the field (Blumenthal,2012). When he was at the age of 13 years, he met Stephen Wozniak,who became a significant colleague in his life. Jobs studied at ReedCollege and returned to California in search for a job.

SteveJobs was an entrepreneur. He joined business with Steve Wozniak,where they started building blue boxes that were used for making freecalls by phone phreakers. Since the two were part of the HomeBrewComputer Club, they were enamored with kit computers that made themleave behind the blue boxes. and his friend were thenengaged in selling Apple I this entailed a kit for developing a PC.Wozniak did most of the building, while Jobs handled sales of Apple I(Blumenthal,2012). This helped them in obtaining enough resources for startingApple II. Apple II allowed computer enthusiasts to develop and selltheir programs. Apple II became the basis for creating the AppleCompany. At sometime, Jobs left Apple and invested in Pixar Companyand later founded NeXT (Blumenthal,2012). In 1996, Apple bought NeXT since it desired to replace itsoperating system this brought back to the company hefounded first. Upon returning to the Apple Company, Jobs became theCEO. While serving as the CEO of the Company, Jobs delivered a lot ofsuccesses (Blumenthal,2012).

Thecharacteristics of this leader that are cited most are successfulentrepreneur and innovator. I can adopt the characteristic of asuccessful entrepreneur through ensuring that I embrace the availabletechnology in coming up with new products.


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