SQ5R Method




SQ5Rmethod gave me an overwhelming experience by enabling me to activelystudy textbooks and other readings. The process helped me to developthe ability of processing information and with time, I found myselfincreasing my memory and mastery of the material. Even though it iswas not quicker in the beginning, I found it worthwhile since Ibecame used to the process as time passed.

Thestudy skills in the SQ5R method will be very useful if utilized inclass. It provides scholars with an opportunity to enhance theirunderstanding and remembering the content (Knight, 2013). Therefore,students become prepared for any tests and do not spend too much timestudying prior to the test. For instance, it gave me confidence andreduced my fear of exams since I developed a better understanding andretention through in-depth learning of the material.

Ifind all the study tips in the SQ5R very helpful. For instance, thesurvey helps the reader to analyze and understand the nature of thematerial. The reader, for example, can examine the title(s),headings, pictures, and summaries. Therefore, with approximatelythirty seconds, the reader can have a clue of what the book entails.This prepares the readers mind on what to expect, also, thecomplexity of the content (Knight, 2013).

Inconclusion, I see the SQ5R as a very efficient and sufficient methodof studying. When a person has mastered the five steps, he/ she canrealize that he/ she can

  • Have a better concentration

  • Read faster

  • Pick out important points and remember the information

  • Finally, do better in exams


Knight,T. O. (2013). Study strategies for careers. Homewood, IL: Irwin.