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SoftwareDevelopment Questions



Justlike it is the case in any other production of a good or a service,perfection and quality goods is one of the major concerns of thecustomers or the goods and service users. Each and every producerstrives to achieve the best, through the production of defect freegoods and services. This applies to the software producers, wherebythe cost of identifying and removing a defect is much easier duringthe early stages than when the software is already in use by thecustomers (Reynolds,2010). Defect analysis at the early stages helps reduce time, cost andresources required for the rework. The reason why the cost of toidentify and remove a defect in early stages is much less is due tothe fact that, it`s easier to manage the software while it`s still inthe production rather than when the software is already in use.


Througheffective software development methodologies, the software developerhas to make sure he/she is protected from legal liability for anydefective software. A product containing inherent defects can lead toharmful to issues on product reliability, however, through the use ofeffective methodology the producer can be protected from legalliability in two ways. One is through the reduction of the number ofsoftware errors that may occur, and secondly through following of anexpected development method, which is widely acceptable.


Humaninterface has been and remains a key area in the process of softwaredevelopment and use/implementation. However, the human interface isbelieved to be the major starting place of faults in any givencomplex systems. These are mostly attributed to inadequately plannedhuman-computer interface, and hence being a difficult area of safetycritical systems. Humanbeing are the largely irregular part of any structure andconsequently the most tricky to model for HCI design. In order toimprove the human interface in any system, the system designer has toconsider the easiness for the human to use the interface. Inaddition, the designer must consider the giving of appropriatefeedback without necessarily congesting the operative with lotinformation (Reynolds,2010).


Facedwith such a scenario where the release date for a new product isalready set, but the product develops some hitches, the managementwould be mandated to control the case to reduce negative impact onthe company. As the project manager, I would use the piloting methodsto test the software first. This would allow the few chosen customersto believe they are the first to identify the problem with the newproducts. At this point, it would be easy to change the release date,as the customers would be waiting for the producer to collect theidentified bugs. I would not agree to release the product on theagreed date. By the time the testing or the piloting period is over,the development team will have collected the problem and in turnmaintaining the customers trust on quality products despite theearlier hitch.


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