Short of wealth

Shortof wealth

In a small townoff the coast of Yorktown, the two pranksters fixed themselves to aquarrel and Elsie could not help but ponder that at the age of morethan 30 years, a man would still behave bizarrely. Ronald bore theprecise contour of a grizzly with thick forearms, disheveled look,barrel-chested and a bulgy belly that stopped short at the girdle. Infact, Ronald had a completely different look to his prankster friendwho looked like a tiny stumble upon. Ronald and his friend sat on anupended sun-bleached canoe that lay in the main street as long as theold woman (who people thought to be a sorceress) could remember.Surprisingly people stopped, amused, to watch them, perhaps due totheir looks.

In the past, thetwo pranksters had enjoyed each other’s company in another townwhere they would entertain people in exchange for food. However, inthis small town, life seemed it would turn for the better. Thesojourn in the small town appeared like a masterstroke and Ronaldthought how he would possibly become a real comedian. On this day,they jousted to a common gibberish based on an idiotic theme and awhole day passed. The subsequent day, Ronald and his friend lingeredon the street, obnoxious and outdoing each other to idiocy and itappeared as if, between them, even shrubs soured. However, peoplebecame ecstatic with the charade and soon the wags began to worsentheir invectives with fine-tuned barbs. Bystanders believed it to bea show and left changes along the street.

The two buffoonscontinued with their masquerade for sometimes, but soon their arrivedat turns of aggression like two mutts. Blows became hysteric andtheir counter kicks zapped sideways. Kids cavorted and copied eachblow of the clowns how the kids laughed at the two pranksters?However, fools and good sense do not come to terms, as their blowsgot worse. Kids got scared of the blood oozing on the pranksters’faces but their parents mollified them. In letdowns of course, somewere hit by drifting whacks, but this acted as light fare, helping tocomplement to the hoots. Soon the gallery attracted half the town, asthe hoots had become “too sweat to ignore”. The street became ajoy to pass by, but business people started to complain as some lostbusiness to the two clowns. A day would not pass without peopleleaving a pile of coins to the two pranksters, born of scarceness andstupidity. How people can fall to the outbursts of stupid buffoons.

On a busy marketday, Ronald hit his friend on the face, who in turn reacted with thesame ferocity. This marked the beginning of a show full of frenzy,blows, punches, and ninny talk to the enjoyment of the bystanders.However, as fate would have it, one of Ronald’s punches hit a kidwho started to wail hysterically. This marked a sharp divide betweenthose who enjoyed the pranksters and those who did not and shortly,the street filled with people. Seeing the turn of events, the twopranksters scampered for safety leaving their pile of coins behind.Elsie had always thought of the pile of the coins and as everybodyturned to the pranksters, she saw a good chance to take the coins.She thought, “A fool’s fate can always benefit a shrewd person.”