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MIS 2701 Final Exam – Fall 2014

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Question 1: Capital One and Zapposare two very different organizations that we have studied in depth. Given who they are, what is the current role ofinformation management and IT deployment in both organizations? Complete the following questions to establish a comprehensiveresponse to this question. (2 points)

Capital One:


Is IT an enabler of the core business? (Y/N)


Explain your answer:

  • . IT has enabled the company to identify credit card holders who other lenders have left out.

  • .The Company has acquired relevant information about the target customers for instance how they spend their money.

  • .IT enables the firm to recruit many consumers.

  • .IT has enabled the company to store all the data relating to customer transaction history.

Is IT an enabler of the core business? (Y/N)


Explain your answer:

  • . The company has adopted twitter as an important tool for creating the culture of the company

  • . Zappos has used websites to reach out to customers.

  • . IT has enabled Zappos to display and advertise its various products on its websites.

  • . Thes employees of Zappos use blogs to interact with consumers.

In your view is the enterprise’s investment of IT aligned with the business? (Y/N)


Why or why not do you think this is the case?

  • .Credit card business operations are run using information in Capital One.

  • .Recruitment process is done using IT starting with customer identification.

  • .Through IT Capital One has managed to provide thousands of credits cards that are different.

  • .The process of testing and experimentation using IT has helped to inform as well as define action in Capital One hence achieving great success.

In your view is the enterprise’s investment of IT aligned with the business? (Y/N)


Why or why not do you think this is the case?

  • . Because to sell products online ones needs a platform to reach out to customers like websites and social media.

  • . The company’s investment on blogs and twitter has helped the it to interact with its consumers.

  • . The business requires products to be displayed so that customers can choose. This has been achieved through IT.


What type of enterprise information system (ERP) might you expect to find at Capital One?

Decision support system

What type of enterprise information system (ERP) might you expect to find at Zappos?

Supply chain management

How is this system used to:

  • Transact: Has brought the data together from other company’s different transaction systems.

  • manage: Has improved the process of credit card risk assessment

  • Innovate: Information about consumer behavior was implemented as part dubbed expert system which offered call centre personnel as well as a website. This enhanced interactions with consumers.

How is this system used to:

  • transact: Has helped to produce customized products as ordered by the customers

  • Manage: Improve consumer’s brand loyalty resulting to better sales in the future.

  • Innovate: Has led to mass customization of products in accordance to consumer’s taste.

Question #2: PepsiAmericas (PAS) is a companythat lives or dies by the quality and security of its data. Whatsteps would you take to protect PAS’s information systems and datarepositories from attack, recognizing that sooner or later PAS, likeall other companies, will fall victim to cybercrime. (2 points)

Category of Response

Specific Action

Why would you take this action?

Policy/Procedure Improvements

Develop enterprise resource planning

To improve the bottling as well as distribution management.

Employing detail historical sales.

To project the supplies for local stores.

build competitive knowledge

In order to monitor their competitors.

Hardware/Software Improvements

Integration of key business process including procurement, production, selling and distribution.

Helps to monitor and evaluate these processes from the beginning to the end.

Automation of captured data.

Help to eliminate irregularities related to various business processes.

decision support systems

. Help in acquiring real-time information that can help to improve employee productivity.

Customer Management/Public Relations Responses

Customer relationship management

To capture qualitative data concerning individual customer and document previous meetings with the management.

Customer optimization program

Reduce issues related to inventory management and increase production

National customers feeding data directly to the distribution system

This help to develop product mix as well as quantities.

Question 3: How might Target employ decisionsupport systems (DSS) and knowledge management systems(KMS) to further its business objectives and strengthen itsbusiness outcomes? Be specific in your use of language! (1 point)

The Uses of a DSS at Target:

The Uses of a KMS at Target:


Allocate more money to public relations.


Provide remedial including consumer’s hotlines for questions

For management and control: Hiring

An information security forensics company to probe the current breaches.

For management and control:

Improving firewall protection level to help employees detect breaches that are likely to damage the system

For innovation and corporate transformation:

The company should embed their credit cards with chips that altar security code with every new transaction.

For innovation and corporate transformation:

Hiring security teams who would respond swiftly to threats.

Question 4: Brose is an extensive user of Websites and the Internet in the running of the enterprise – tooperate, to control and manage, to communicate, and to innovate. Provide examples of four different Web siteimplementations that are likely to be in place at Brose,their primary audiences (users), and the business function(s) of eachWeb site. (1 point)

Web Site and its Audience:

Main Function(s) of this particular Web site:

Parallax Website

  1. It indicates products

  2. creating the interest of the customer

  3. it acts as a guide to visitors

  4. it creates wed design

Responsive Website

  1. it gets its application in tablets

  2. it promotes sales

  3. web data is analyzed to a single report

  4. enhanced visibility of SEO

  5. effective in time management

SAGE Integrated

  1. it is available all the time

  2. it saves the cost on salaries

  3. it takes less time to update products


  1. used in the payment set up

  2. all contents can get uploaded

  3. Integrated to the Web Guru

Question 5: Target and FastFit areboth retail organizations. Employing, the MIS Integrative LearningFramework below, compare and contrast these two organizations. Remember to align all facets of your commentsconcerning each of these two enterprises! (2 points)

C. Information Processing Infrastructure and


  1. Business Process Integration

  2. Information Technology

  3. People and Organization structure

B. Information Requirements

  1. Operations and Transaction Processing

  2. Management and Control

  3. Innovation, Strategy and Corporate Learning

A. Business Drivers/


  1. Operational Excellence,

  2. Customer Intimacy,

  3. Product Leadership

  4. (some combination)







Business Results/Lesson Learned



Primary Business Driver:

Primary Business Driver:

Operational Information Requirement:

  1. Improvement as well as automation of operations

  2. Growth is maintained with the aid of customer experience

Operational Information Requirement:

  1. Compromised operations on the customers

Management and Control Information Requirement:

  1. Management controls are strengthened

Management and Control Information Requirement:

  1. The company experiences a breach on the security operations

Innovation, Planning and Learning Information Requirement:

  1. high level of attention to the customers therefore they are able to learn

Innovation, Planning and Learning Information Requirement:

  1. The company lacks proper planning on and therefore poor learning on the requirements of the customer.

Core Enabling Application Software:

  • Leveraged information systems

  • Data recording systems

Core Enabling Application Software:

  • Point of sale systems

  • centralized customer transaction system

  • firewall protection systems

Are Target’s systems and business processes well aligned? Yes

  • The operations success is directly related to the processes in their transactions

  • The management is concerned with the requirements of the customers

  • The company is innovative and directly affects their leadership on products


Are Fast Fit’s systems and business processes well aligned? No.

  • Poor relations exists between the company and the customers

  • There is poor transaction processes therefore the company cannot succeed in their operations

  • The company fails to observe innovation strategies and thus do not fulfill the needs of the customers

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