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Thenumber of African Americans that end up completing education andgraduating is smaller compared to that of the white students.According to education data, kids that become expelled or suspendedfrom school have the likelihood of dropping out of school, and thedropouts have a likelihood of ending up with a criminal record. Thisis to indicate that discipline problems in school are likely to leadkids to have a criminal record in the future. Studies have indicatedthat the number of African Americans that end up in prison isexceedingly high compared to that of the whites this emanates fromthe high dropout rates of the African Americans. The aim of thispaper is to discuss the percentages of African Americans graduationrate versus the whites, the preschool to prison significance inAmerica and the down play America has put down African Americans inreceiving quality education in the past.

Theenrollment of black Americans in school is high however, nationally,the African Americans graduation rates remain low compared to that ofthe white students. The American Africans graduation rate isapproximately 20% points lower compared to the graduation rate forthe whites (Harris,2014). The difference in the graduation rate between the blackstudents and the white students has been attributed to differentreasons. One major reason leading to a lower graduation percentage ofthe black students compared to the white students is the dropoutrate. The dropout rate of the black students is higher compared tothat of the white students. The racial climate in some schoolsaffects the persistence of the blacks and their graduation rates. Ininstances, where black students are not welcomed or where theyexperience some form of racial discrimination or harassment, theblack students will likely dropout of the institution. This affectstheir graduation rates.

Besides,most black students that become enrolled schools are not sufficientlyprepared for the schooling life. Because of poor preparation by theirparents prior to joining school, most black students haveinsufficient academic foundation that can make them succeed inschool. As a result of poor preparation, black students get poorgrades that lead to their frustrations it is these frustrations thatmake black students have a high probability of dropping out fromschool. Comparing the black students to the white ones, most of thewhite students are well prepared to the schooling life, whichmitigates the likelihood of these students dropping out of schoolsince they are likely to have high performances. Since most of thewhite are sufficiently prepared for the schooling life, they tend tohave higher graduation rates compared to the black students becausefew of the white students drop out of school.

Anotherfactor leading to the lower percentages of graduation rates in blackstudents compared to the white ones is that most black students donot receive adequate support from their families that can ensuretheir success in the school. Comparing the black and white students,most black students have backgrounds that are not familiar with theeducation system, or whose members have never attended school. Assuch, most black students lack the necessary support that can helpthem in pushing forward their efforts of realizing success in school.The lack of necessary support makes it difficult for black studentsto proceed with their education up to the graduation level, a movethat lowers the percentage of black students that graduate. Inaddition, lack of finances is also a contributing factor to the lowergraduation percentage among the black students compared to the whitestudents. Studies have indicated that 67% of the black students thatdrop out of school do so because of financial problems (Harris,2014). Supporting education requires a lot of finances since tuitionfees and textbook prices push the cost of the education up. Mostblack students become enrolled to schools, but due to financialconstraints in their families, they end up dropping out of schoolthis leads to the percentage of black students graduating lesscompared to that of the white students.

Furthermore,black preschoolers are more likely to be suspended compared to thewhite preschoolers. Black students are considered to have a high rateof being suspended compared to the white students due to poorbehavior in school. Since most black student parents have notattended school, they have a tendency of bringing up their kidspoorly, which lead to their kids developing bad behavior. Because ofthe poor upbringing, black students are usually suspended from schooldue to their behavior due to the high suspension rates, the blackstudents end up having high rates of dropouts. The high dropout ratesof the black students reduce the percentage of black students thatgraduate. On the other hand, since most of the white students’parents are literate, they bring up their kids well making themdevelop good behavior. This reduces the chances of being suspended orexpelled from school. It is for this reason that black students havea lower graduation rate compared to the white students.

Violenceis a reality in most of the public schools in America. It has beenindicated that above 73% of all public schools in America have arecord of a minimum of one violent crime between 2009 and 2010. Thetype of crimes in the schools includes physical attacks, threats,sexual related offenses, robbery, and fights. When classified interms of racial categories, 82% of the schools, which have above 50%blacks, have recorded a minimum of one crime compared to 71% ofmajority white schools (Harris,2014). When it comes to violent crimes, black schools have recorded ahigher rate compared to white schools, which is an indication thatblack students are more violent compared to white students. The highrate of causing violence among the black students is an indicationthat more black students than white students are likely to be put inthe juvenile justice system.

Inmost cases, school discipline pushes students directly into thejuvenile system. For example, a school fight may end up in studentsbeing arrested for assault. Black students have a higher likelihoodthan white students of being suspended or expelled. This is becauseof the difference in discipline amid the black and white students. Agovernment study has indicated that black children comprise 18% ofpreschoolers however, they constitute nearly half of the total outof school suspensions (Harris,2014). Discipline is of great concern in determining whether kidswould be suspended or expelled from school. Since most of the blackpreschoolers have a high probability of being expelled or suspendedfrom school, they have a higher likelihood of being sent to prison intheir later life. This is due to the reasoning that there is a highprobability of a person being sent to prison after being expelled orsuspended from school. This is because continuous suspensions maylead to school dropout, which may in turn result to a person beinginvolved in crimes. It is the engagement in crimes that can lead tothe individuals being sent to prison. Therefore, because blackpreschoolers have a higher probability of being suspended compared towhite preschoolers, black students have a higher chance of being sentto prison later in life compared to white students. This is a clearindication that the preschool to prison significance is higher amongthe African Americans compared to the whites.

Inthe past, African Americans obtaining quality education was downplayed. There were different issues that led to the down play of thequality of education obtained by the African Americans. One of theissues was racial discrimination. In the past, African Americans werenot in a position to receive quality education due to racialdiscrimination. The whites could not attend same schools with theAfrican Americans, which contributed to poor quality education. Theschools that whites attended were in a position to obtain qualityeducation, but in the schools that African Americans attended,education quality was poor since the schools did not have necessaryfacilities for teaching. This implied that the education obtainedfrom such schools was of low quality.

Poorquality education also resulted from teachers in black schools havingno certification. Majority of black schools had fewer certifiedtutors having degrees in the field that they taught. For instance,more than 75% of math tutors in white schools had mathematics astheir major subject in college, while 56% of math tutors in blackschools had mathematics as their major in college, and out of the56%, very few were certified (Davidson,2010). This is an indication that teachers in majority of blackschools offered low quality education due to the few certifiedtutors, making African Americans have low quality education. Poorfunding was another reason that led to African Americans receivingpoor education. In order to receive quality education, it is the roleof the government to fund schools in order to ensure that studentsreceive the best from the system. However, when there is little or nofunding, the quality of education received will be poor. Since mostof the African Americans were poor, it was difficult to afford takingtheir kids to private schools, where they could receive qualityeducation. Thus, they relied on the government to fund education fortheir kids. Nevertheless, the funding that was provided in most ofthe African American schools was very meager. This resulted toAfrican Americans acquiring low quality education.

Besides,less experienced and lowly paid teachers were placed in most of theAfrican American schools (Anderson &ampStewart, 2007).The quality of education provided to students usually depends on theexperience of the tutor and how well the teachers are motivated indoing their job. A more experienced and highly motivated teacher islikely to offer quality education since he/she is conversant with theeducation system and teaching guidelines that are likely to offer thebest to the students. Besides, he/she is likely to offer the best tostudents since he/she is encouraged by the income he/she receives bycarrying out the teaching job. However, a lowly paid and lessexperienced teacher can be associated with poor quality educationbecause he/she is not encouraged to teach by the low pay and does notknow how well to apply his skills to the students. Since teachersthat were placed in most African American schools were lowly paid andless experienced, they were not in a position to provide qualityeducation to students. Therefore, the lowly paid and less experiencedteachers in most African American schools led to African Americans toacquire low quality education.

Anotherissue that led to African Americans receiving poor quality educationwas failure of the government to offer quality early education to theAfrican Americans (Willieet al, 1991). Early education is critical since it determines what anin individual will acquire in later years. By offering kids qualityearly education, this early education will help in preparing the kidfor the education he/she will gain later in life. Most AfricanAmerican students did not receive quality early education since, inthe past it was difficult for the African Americans to accessschools offering such quality education at an early age. Failure ofAfrican Americans to receive the early education did not prepare themfor education in later years. This made them to even not prepared forlearning in the schools that were available in later years. However,with the introduction of the pre-K programs that are funded by thegovernment, it is now possible for the African Americans to acquirequality early education. Furthermore, increased inequality wasanother issue that led to African Americans in acquiring low qualityeducation. In the past, there was inequality in providing services tocitizens. Since the whites were preferred to African Americans,whites were given the first priority in education at the expense ofthe African Americans. This resulted in African Americans receivinglow quality education.


Thereis a difference in the graduation rates between the African Americansand the whites the graduation rate for the African Americans islower compared to that of the whites. The African Americansgraduation rate is approximately 20% points lower compared to thegraduation rate for the whites. The difference in the graduation ratebetween the African Americans and the white students has beenattributed to different reasons. There is a high rate of dropoutamong the African Americans compared to that of whites, which is themain reason for the difference in the graduation rates between thetwo groups. Most African Americans do not receive adequate supportfrom their families that can ensure their success in the school. Assuch, most black students lack the necessary support that can helpthem in pushing forward their efforts of realizing success in schoolthis makes them to drop out of school prior to graduation. Besides,financial problems make African Americans not complete theireducation to graduation level, which leads to a lower rate of AfricanAmericans graduating. In the past, African Americans were exposed tolow quality education since they were taught by teachers that werelowly paid and having less experience. Besides, few teachers thattaught in most African American schools were certified.


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