Security and Wellness Plan for Workforce Reduction

Securityand Wellness Plan for Workforce Reduction

Securityand Wellness Plan for Workforce Reduction

Securityand wellness programs aim at promoting healthy lifestyles andawareness with in order to contain the increasing cost of healthinsurance as well as encouraging employees in their quest to reachhigher levels of productivity. Organizations should employ a certainnumber of employees that is not too large to limit the effectivenessof such security and wellness programs (Richard, 2014).

Beforeany CEO decides to lay off some of the employees, he or she shouldgive their overall wellbeing the first priority. The CEO should givethe employees advance notice about the downsizing to avoid mistrustamong the remaining or surviving employees. This is because trust isbased on mutual respect. If a CEO fails to give employees informationthat is of immense significance in helping them plan their own lives,then mistrust and helplessness, which can be extremely destructive,emerge among them (Mansion, 2014).

Again,such a CEO should give both the managers and employees the chance andplatform to speak their minds freely following the laying off of someof their colleagues. This is because surviving employees will alwaysdiscuss the issue with or without the consent of the management team.According Mansion (2014), the more an organization or a company triesto suppress such a discussion, the more subversive the discussionbecomes. The discussion plays a key role in helping the team ofsurviving employees come together and renew their ties

Inaddition, the CEO should consider what the post-layoff organizationor company will look like they should have a clear vision of thecompany before executing the layoff. Lack of clear vision of thefuture has a high likelihood of transferring same problems thatinitiated the need for the layoff to the new organization.

Similarly,it is of great significance that CEOs respect their employees duringand after the layoff process. Surviving employees assume that thesame treatment accorded to laid-off employees will also be extendedto them. Therefore, if the laid-off employees are treated poorly,then the surviving employees may start looking for alternative placesto work since they fear being subjected to the same treatment.


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