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Romeoand Juliet

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Romeoand Juliet

Romeoand Juliet is a lover story, which was written by WilliamShakespeare the story revolves around the tragedy that befell twoyoung lovers. The story has a tragic ending since the lovers die andtheir death of great help as it leads to the reconciliation of twofamilies involved in a feud for a long time. This play can beregarded as one of the most performed among the plays written byShakespeare. The story borrows from an Italian tale, which is knownas “The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet.” The playcommunicates important messages through the use of literary devicessuch as themes, motifs, imagery, as well as symbolism among others.This paper will highlight three themes that are clearly discussed inthe play.


Inorder to communicate his message, Shakespeare uses a number ofthemes. One of the major themes in which the play is based is “theindividual versus society.” Shakespeare depicts the struggles that go through in their quest to fit into the structureof society. There are some social systems in the society that do notapprove of the relationship between . However, thetwo lovebirds do not listen to the words of these lovebirds, butinstead go ahead and express their love for one another. They do notseparate despite the fact that their families are always at war anddo not want them to go on with their love. Although the conflictingviews between the society and the two lovebirds are clearly speltout, their love for one another is not adversely affected as theycontinue being in love.

Anothertheme that has been clearly described in the play is love as a causeof violence. From the play, it is evident that love can be a cause ofviolence this can be seen from the wars that exist between thefamilies of the two lovebirds. The violence depicted in the playrelates to passion, which is either connected to love or hate. Theplay portrays the strong bond that exists between death, violence, aswell as hatred. Shakespeare illustrates the extent to which love canbe blinding and why it can preoccupy the minds of lovers,overwhelming them completely. Although there is passionate lovebetween , it has a strong connection to hatred,death, and violence as depicted throughout the play.

Fromthe play, there is also a depiction of the theme of inevitability offate. Fate is a major theme that dominates the play from thebeginning to the end. Shakespeare highlights how it is difficult torun away from fate as it is sometimes part of human life. Fatecontrols the lives of and this can be evidenced bythe statement that they are “star-crossed.” Throughout the play,the two main characters experience omens each of the two maincharacters desire to spend their entire life with one another. Thisexplains why Romeo commits suicide when he believes that Juliet isdead.


Romeoand Juliet isa love story written by William Shakespeare about the experiences oftwo lovebirds who come from families that are constantly in conflict.Violence dominates the play with the two families fighting forsupremacy. The conflict between the families has resulted toobjection for the relationship between . The storyhas a tragic ending as the two lovebirds die at the end of the play.