Rogerian Speech Discussion

RogerianSpeech Discussion

Theimportance of conflict resolution cannot be understated as far aspeaceful co-existence, economic and physical wellbeing is concerned.More often than not conflicts are resolved through holdingconversations, with one of the techniques being rogerian arguments.Rogerian arguments underline conflict solving techniques that arefounded on coming up with a common ground rather than polarizingdebate (Rottenbergand Winchell,34). This comes in handy when one is holding an argument where thereis little or no hope for wining.

Inrogerian arguments, there are varied ways of winning the other oropposing sides. First, one would need to clearly articulate the basisof the arguments that one is making. This would make the argumentsmore appealing to the individuals on the other side (Rottenbergand Winchell,61b). Second, the arguments made would have to have some element ofsimilarity, commonness or shared ground as this is the only that theother side would see the need to align themselves to them.

Ofcourse, I have been fortunate enough to have used the rogerianargumentation method particularly verbally especially on issuespertaining to religion. There is often a heated debate regarding thesuperiority of religions, with people in different sides vouching fortheir beliefs. In this regard, it is often imperative that one findsa common ground since there is little or no likelihood that anindividual will be willing to give up some beliefs and take inanother religion by the stroke of a hand. Agreeing on issues that arecommon becomes much easier particularly regarding rules orcommandment for human behavior and interactions (Wood 46). Given thefact that there are numerous issues where there is little hope foragreeing on which side is better particularly on religion, I amconfident that I will be using rogerian argumentation technique inthe future.


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