Oneof the main components of achievement in family therapy is ascribedto the therapist`s ability to engage and retain the family intreatment. Forming an engagement with family is an essentialway of ensuring an effective therapy. Engaged clients have a betterchance of forming a bond with counselors and therapists. As a result,they endorse treatment objectives, participate in the process for amore noteworthy degree, stay in treatment longer, and report largeramounts of fulfillment. Therapists` rapport, warmth, idealism, humor,and responsibility are essential parts of effective treatment.

Aneffective way for me (the counselor) to make a therapeutic allianceis to make the family know that I want to be a part of a solution totheir problems the same way that the family wants. I would startjoining procedure with the help seeker of the family. It must beperceived, then again, that every relative may see the issue in adifferent way. For instance, the mother may want to get her child toquit being defiant while the child may want peace at home. Hence, Iwould try to form a bond with each individual and seek what theirdesires are and their viewpoints on the issues. The first phase ofthe procedure would be to gather information about the family tofigure out the problem cause (Minuchin et al., 2013).

Teenrebellion is caused by various factors. Nonetheless, in family case, there has been instability since the father lost hisjob. The mother had to seek work to sustain the family. As a result,the son found himself in a storm of anxiety and mood swings inmindset and feeling. Contemplations, sentiments, and activities swayin the middle of modesty and vanity, goodness and enticement, andsatisfaction and trouble (Barker &amp Chang, 2013).


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